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Elemental Forces and the Path
Perceptions and Electronic Recording - Other Dimensions
The Hierarchy of Nature and the Five Kingdoms
Visibility, Invisibility and Changes in Vibrations
UFO's and Unseen Kingdoms - Creating an Archetypal Form
UFO's, Thought Forms, Ours or Theirs?
Sounds of Power and the Modern Laboratory
Healing Elements from the Unseen
The Builders, Preservers and the Destroyers
Life Isn't Easy for the Space Emissaries
Edi's Special Mission
Photographing Spacemen: To Appear or Not Appear
Paranormal Powers and Abilities are coming out of the closet
Tomas Green Coutinho's Amazing Powers
Japanese Kids Demonstrate Incredible Phenomena
Capturing Energy Forms on Camera
Dowsing in Cooperation with Nature
Dowsing Auric Emanations
Feeling Emanations with the Aura meter
Pyramid Replica Alters Aura
Apparitions - Holographic Structures in the Sky?
Today's Thoughtography, Tomorrows Thought-Viewer
Tesla-Scope for Interplanetary Contact
Pyramid Voice - Tape Phenomena
Great Pyramid Replicas, All things to All People
Tachyons, Traveling Out of Time
Computerized Formulas to Build Your Own Pyramid
The Warp - Time In, Time Out
The Bermuda Triangle - A Time-Fold Pyramid
The Searl Levity Disk
Sharpening the Razor Blade
Using the Pyramid to Preserve Perishables
Pyramids, Evidences of Higher Beings From Out of the Past
Multiple Perceptions


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