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By Bill Cox 1983

I came into this study about 15 years ago, not necessarily as a skeptic, but as one who really didn't know the meaning of the word psychic or other terms used by the people investigating phenomena. I had one experience, which might have been a sighting, a UFO contact. I was coming back from Guadalajara, Mexico one night, in 1969, driving across the flat desert near El Centro, California. At about 11 p.m., I suddenly saw up ahead and to the right, what looked like a welding torch. I watched this bright light with fascination because it seemed larger and brighter than any welding torch or flare that I had ever seen. It pulsated from brighter to darker, becoming larger and brighter until it filled the night sky with light. The twilight effect lasted for about a minute, reaching it's brightest level, blinding my eyes before it dimmed to a slight glow, briefly holding steady and then vanished. The incident reminded me of a street lamp I had seen in London, England. This would be the beginning of many changes about to happen in my life.

We are dealing with unusual persons and events on a planetary scale, at an ever increasing and accelerated pace. It is becoming more commonplace to see humans demonstrating abilities, such as clairvoyance ( extended sight ), seeing lower into the infra red spectrum, or higher into the ultra-violet range. Some even go beyond into x-ray vision or night vision. A surprising number of people have acquired some degree of clairaudience. This means people who hear voices and sounds that are perceived from within and are little understood. The voice heard may offer guidance, issue a warning or may be a musical sound. Others develop clairsentience, the ability to feel something at a distance without touching it.

Through my own research, I am convinced that the mind and the brain are indeed separate. The brain is the computer center, the physical organ that receives, intellectually process and sends the focused information registering in our sensory apparatus as well as data from our own intuition. The mind is not solely the brain, it is a field of consciousness that interprets the body and surrounds it. The mind can travel for great distances in an instant, beyond the barriers of time and space, without limitations; to make contact with another mind, or another creature, object or substance in space.

Other relatively new, actually rediscovered sciences include psychotronics and psionics ( mind over matter ) with or without the help of instrumentation respectively. All of the foregoing divisions of ancient and sacred sciences will be most usefull in validating the true existence of UFO's and unseen kingdoms, or dimensions co-existing with our own planetary life systems, human, animal, plant or mineral.

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