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Elemental Forces and the Path of Involution

At times, unseen forces such as color elementals, are among those that make up the flowers, perfume essences, and so on, whose works we see in our gardens. They are able to lower their vibration and manifest themselves physically, by grouping together as tiny invisible particles to form the petals. By fusing and injecting their bodies into substance as perfume of that flower, its color and ultimate geometrical shape, the whole flower can be viewed.

Generally speaking, these elemental forces are each made of one single substance, and they infuse that substance of their bodies into that which is to be made. For example, they are absorbed in the growing of a tree, into its root, trunk and leaves. Uncountable elements that make up a single fruit blossom, or whatever. They combine with other elementals to make the physical form visible. Trillions of elementals are involved making up a single blade of grass, coming in swarms from invisible realms, giving substance and energy to the forms being created. They implode themselves, drawn every inward, sacrificing their bodies, infusing the essence of themselves. Color elementals come in and give up the exclusive atoms of their own existence, to give a blade of grass its greenness, its chlorophyll, and many other chemical elements that combine to give the grass blade its physical existence. It boggles the mind when one contemplates the numerical activity of elemental forces comprising a small lawn.

Since there are so many types and numbers of elementals, one can become confused when trying to magically communicate with a grass elemental, a daisy leaf elemental etc.. What we see here is that a sub-microscopic entity is able to physically manifest in the visible world, under the guidance of some intelligence greater than itself; the Deva which directs its operation, which at a higher rate, is broadcasting the essences of its own body, giving that substance to make some organic thing materialize in the physical world. We call this phenomenon "an act of nature". The astounding thing about this activity is that these elementals seem to exist in a kind of plasma in space, which the occultists call the "ether". It is like an ocean, an ocean of finely attenuated creatures in space, all waiting for the instant in which they are called upon to do the work which they do so well.

These elemental forces are on the path of involution, as opposed to man who is on the path of evolution. By that, I mean that in his own evolution, man's duty is to grow and develop and improve himself with the power of mind, to better his environment. When he fails to do this, he will die or live contrary to diving laws. man could reach immortality if he understood the true process of evolution and could carry it out to a perfect degree.

The involutionary forces, the elemental kingdom, the ese pre-physical creatures, instead of thinking their way through, operate by feelings. So they experience great ecstasy when they give up their bodies or when they do what they are meant to do. They do not have the thinking mind to rebel against the guidance of the higher beings in their invisible realms or kingdoms. They do what they must do without complaint or resistance. It is their nature to obey, like find in a colony of bees or ants. Besides, they would reject ecstasies awaiting their call, even if they could rebel.

The Devic beings directing these elementals are part of the hierarchy, and they are composed of more than one element. A simple elemental being is only composed of one element, maybe fire, and another only consists of water, where-as a composite being may be made up of two or more of the basic elements of earth, water, fire or air; and even the element of the ether, which really constitutes a fifth class of this energy. There are other elements of course, the elements of mind and emotion and of other things we experience. The key is that there is a hierarchy, an angelic government that relates to all of this.

I remember a 'happening' in Santa, Barbara, California. A celebration dedicated to the ecology of earth. An inner group got together and decided to invite the nature spirits to come. They meditated for a few days before the event and, invited the spirits, air, fire, water and earth along with any other entities of nature that might want to participate in the outdoor event.

On the appointed day, gas filled balloons were given out. I had never seen released balloons behave so strangely. Some went sidewise, upward, some were fast climbers, while others stubbornly hovered in spite of the wind currents. The most remarkable thing was that dark clouds suddenly began to form in what was an otherwise, clear sky. Rain began to fall lasting for about ten minutes. The earth began to tremble, every so gently, and lightning aroused by the storm started a small fire in a nearby wooded area. One could surmise that all of the nature spirits did indeed, join the event while Orthodox scientists would call it coincidence.

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