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Feeling Emanations with the Aurameter

The late Verne L. Cameron's lifestyle frequently brought him to the threshold of the unseen. Once questioned about his unusual ability to feel mysterious concentrated beams from cones and replicas, he answerd: "When the tip of my dowsing instrument first touches the energy field, it shoves off to one side or the other, like a concentrated squirt of water striking an inanimate object. I frequently lean the weight of the device against inertia ( or its natural balance ) and pull the tip up slowly alongside the suspected energy field. A soft, invisible, but deliberate action bends the tip from the charged area."

"If I direct the Aurameters to into the line of force quickly, there is a pronounced thrust - the radiations continue pressing it ever outward until the tip escapes to a point free from the area of influence, whereupon it breaks over, pointing back in attraction toward the origin of the etheric eddies." The aurameters spring-poised tip enables one to respond to the higher vibrations through the touch of Dowsing.

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