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Healing Elementals and the Unseen

A mysterious, invisible healing process goes on when we cut a finger. A scab may grow which may or not turn into a scar. We call this force 'Nature' and we take it for granted. It happens in an intelligent fashion and can be delayed according to the health of the person or negligent care given to the wound. On the other hand, there are numerous documented cases of immediate or accelerated healing's on record.

On two occasions while in Brazil, I personally witnessed immediate chemicalizations, healing's that were supposed to take place over weeks and months, or even years. There were cases in which the Doctors said that no total healing was possible and where the usual method of drugs, treatment through radiation, therapies, etc. had failed. These were patients confronted with the aspect of dying, or at least, losing the offending limb or organ through surgery. So, in desperation, they looked for a cure through other ( metaphysical ) means.

I have seen this in my investigations with Odilon, in Brazil. Odilon has shown how new bone and tissue can be grown in seconds. Thereby using the power of elemental forces. Perhaps he is not doing this directly but, he feels that he is working with certain entities whom he can see and speak with, while others cannot. Attempts to photograph these specific entities have failed but, Odilon and others with similar powers can apparently see them.

Elementals are the healing spirits that begin the process. These elementals are there when you cut your finger and, doesn't matter if you are in the U.S. or Arabia. They are instantly drawn to the wound due to the ecstasy they experience when fusing the substance of their own bodies into the damaged tissue to bring about the healing. Like ravenous sharks, they are quickly attracted to the scent of blood in the air.

Angels working with growth, repair and preservation must have an environment that is attractive to them or they will depart. Imagine a group of little healing angels, flying around a person while emanating their lovely fragrances, twinkling music and radiating joy, when suddenly the person becomes verbally abusive. They are going to fly away just we separate ourselves from someone who is misbehaving or being abusive. The healing Angel will bring in positive energies to those in need, if the afflicted person(s) and healer provide an ideal environment. Some people defy the 'getting well' process by eating or thinking wrong, so that the healing Angels essences cannot work at maximum level. Rest, relaxation and sleep seem to provide the best healing frequencies allowing the body to regenerate itself through the calmness.

Certain pre physical entities can be seen, felt and controlled by people who understand the nature of the laws by which they operate and are governed. These laws enable all elemental forces to work totally in the invisible world, uncontrolled, the go on doing their good works, exacting no payment, unless we interfere with the healing process.

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