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Sharpening the Razor Blade

A pyramid replica can also be used for sharpening razors, both electric and safety blades. Some mechanical types may require two days between shaving. The electric razor, when first sharpened under a pyramid model may take several days charge in the initial test. Experiment by periodically relocating the shaver in various positions and levels below the apex for never less than a few days.

Safety razor blades may sharpen more effectively by mounting them on an eraser, matchbox, square bottle, or other improvised platform. Mounting the blade on a reflective surface is completely a matte of choice, and not a rule.

Place the head(s) so that the cutting edge faces northward, never upward. It may also produce more satisfactory cutting power if it is not mounted on any platform but, rather left resting on the base surface inside of the replica. My triple head Norelco, for example, sharpens best lying on its side with the cutting edges approximately aligned with celestial or magnetic north.

Set the blades with the ends preferably aligned in north and south directions. Allow several hours for the cutting edge to stabilize. Once the blade sharpens satisfactorily, replace it after each shave. Some say that the blade must always be marked and positioned in the same manner; that is the end facing north should never be allowed to point in a southerly direction as it may adversely affect its sharpening ability. No satisfactory evidence has ever been produced to show that this claim is valid but since the mind of the operator is invariably involved, one might mentally program this limitation into the experiment.


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