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Pyramid Replica Alters the Aura

Shortly before Verne Cameron made his transition into the beckoning planes beyond, we ran a little test with a twelve inch square-based pyramid placed atop my head. We wanted to see if the miniature aluminum model of the Great Pyramid would alter the auric fields around my form. Cameron had previously found some astounding alterations in the human aura using cones and carbon magnets.

Before I donned the pyramid, the Dowsing Master, with his Aura meter, carefully traced the outer limits of my etheric outline. As expected, the energy field pushed outward from my figure about an inch and one-half in the region above my knees and up along the arms to shoulder level on each side. A steady field of increased emanations in the head area pushed the Aura meter's pointer out and away with a pronounced thrust.

Then, placing the replicap in position on my head, Cameron checked the earlier measurements:
1. My etheric outline had entirely disappeared!
2. An apparently unknown shaft of energy poured outward from each elbow.
3. Cylindrical shaped beams raced upward from the apex above my head and downward below my feet. Verne, with the Aura meter, found the lower rays going right through the seat of the chair I was standing on; the shafts darted outward, upward and downward, mysteriously suggesting the form of a cross.

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