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New UFO VideoVideo: SnowFlake UFO's Filmed by STS Crews
New UFO VideoVideo: Drive Up to Area 51
New UFO VideoVideo: Larry King Live - UFO's: Are They Out There?
Video: David Sereda Talks About UFOs on Fox News
Video: Apollo 20 Flyover of Alien Ship
Video: Spinning UFO Over Paris
Video: Italian Air Force UFO
Video: 1947 Footage of Roswell Aliens by Hangar
Video: Space Shuttle Launch with UFO Observer
Video: UFO's Over Honolulu
Video: Lake Erie UFO
The Roswell Incident: Full Documentary
Phoenix Lights 2005 (Video) 1, 2, 3
Phoenix Lights 2006 (Video) More video sent in by 2nd citizen
Homo Floresiensis Images (Hobbit Story)
Illinois Thundercloud UFO UFO's Over Alaska
Toronto Spaceship Poland Twin-Beam UFO
Green Bay UFO Flying Kite and UFO 2005
New Jersey Winter UFO UFO Chasing Plane - Canada
Mt St. Helens UFO UFO in Cloud
Arivapa Canyon Houston All-Star Game 2004
Blountville, Tennessee UFO Rainbow UFO's (4)
Herfordshire UK UFO New Haven CT UFO

Starksboro, Vermont UFO

Tasmania, Australia

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