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The Bermuda Triangle - A Time Fold Pyramid

It has come to me through various institutional, verbal and written means that the infamous Devil's Triangle in the Atlantic, off the coast of Florida, is usually seen as a flat, two-dimensional object. I believe it is a three-dimensional, three sided pyramid (a tetrahedron). I further doubt the possibility of it being a flat-topped three-dimensional triangle form.

The mysterious pyramid form I refer to here is of course, invisible. The fourth triangle - it's theoretical base, underlies the three unseen, equilateral, triangular sides. All triangular frame measurements and base sides are of equal length, being approximately 1,125 miles long on any one edge. This inter dimensional Pyramid stands above the mythical Bermuda Triangle area with its apex towering 950 miles above the Atlantic Ocean surface.

Within this gigantic, pre physical pyramid reportedly lurks a peculiarly sinister TESSERAC (an ever moving cube in space). It is a three-dimensional space warp, navigating unpredictably within the greater pyramid form. This deadly time-dilating window above the sea in the triangle area is constantly changing it's position, both in direction and attitude. The cube never leaves the confines of its incredible habitat - the great sea-sky tetrahedron. The Tesserac is allegedly a gateway to other planes, spheres and dimensions. UFO's apparently use these portals to enter and depart from our three-dimensional world. Once entry has been made by a person or thing via the Tesserac opening, voluntary or otherwise, an immediate time change forward or backward occurs with respect to our calendar-clock-time dimension as we know it. This traveling cube within the great invisible maxi-pyramid has been clairvoyantly determined to measure approximately 30 meters along any of its edges.

The first question to arise when the foregoing information came up during inquiry was: "How could a 425 foot freighter suddenly evaporate into a 117' x 117' rectangular time tunnel?" In later research with the form energy I found some possible answers: 1 The ship could be larger than the space warp. The immediate energy field surrounding the invisible Tesserac, or any form, is substantially greater in size then the basic form. 2. An expanded energy envelope maintains its pulsating field and identity in the manner of the human aura which is greater in size, being the matrix of one's physical body.

Tesserac's resemble in activity, the so-called "Black Holes" in outer space. We have other Tesserac's within our earth sphere, and these probably account for some of the sudden, 'now you see them, now you don't' appearances and disappearances of extraterrestrial, alien craft reported in hundreds of UFO sightings since 1947.

Besides the Bermuda Triangle, according to the late Ican Sanderson, there ar at least five other triangular-shaped Devil's Graveyards. These danger spots are located between latitudes 30D and 40D, both north and south of the equator. Lesser anomalies occur in another six such sites, making a total of twelve; with five found above and another five found below the equator. Each is spaced 72D apart, encircling the world. The remaining tow magnetic space-time sites are found at the poles. A high incidence of human life, sea and aircraft losses have been recorded at these locales. The 'Devil's Sea' southeast of Japan, though less traveled and not as well known, is even more nefarious in causing calamitous events.

Tesserac's of lesser size and intensity likely manifest as magnetic marvels at various planetary locations, such as the Gold Hill, Oregon Vortex and similar sites where these nodal points in the earth's magnetic fields appear. Earth's unmoving Tesserac's are somewhat deadened, being embedded and relatively fixed in the earth's crust. They seem to be responsible for a high rate of land based accidents, though they are likened to energy meridians (acupuncture points) in the human body. Thus, the dangers of entering earthbound Tesserac's significantly differs from these prowling time-fold windows hovering within the invisible, three sided pyramids lying above land and sea.


A combine total of 1,000 people, and 100 ships and aircraft have disappeared inside the Bermuda Triangle-Pyramid alone, without a single body or trace of wreckage being found. As mentioned, I'm convinced the Bermuda Triangle's overhead structure in no way conforms to the five-sided, prism-like polygon, though it presents an alternative approach. Nature spirits and other seemingly invisible entities can also use Tesserac's or space warps to lower their vibrations, thus attaining temporary physical expression.



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