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Pyramid, Voice-Tape Phenomena

A 12" x 12" base pyramid loaned to the late Bill Welch, of Encino, California by the Pyramid Guide, has doubled the number of spirit voices registered on his reel to reel tape recorder. The results of Bill's tape experiments with tonal voice messages from the worlds beyond, again substantiates the pyramid's unique quality in receiving and transmitting higher energies, higher octaves and harmonics.

Williams Addams Welch, former television and movie writer was a most patient researcher. After a long period of testing, he was satisfied the pyramid, although not improving the sound level of reception, did appreciably step up the frequency of signals. Bill scientifically proved the authenticity of spirit-voice imprints appearing on unrecorded blanks winding through any commercially available recorder in a soundless room. "There was a definite drop in the quality of messages when I removed the replica from atop the recorder," said Bill. "But after three months with the pyramid resting on top of my machine, the increase in signals continued, even after the replica had been removed."

For several years Welch had developed a remarkable collection of taped voices and a variety of chimes, bells and raps. They were usually preceded by a click, rap, breath or word cue, even after a decade of research, the unexpected occurred at every turn. For example, some messages transcribed at half, or double the midway speed of 3-3/4 forced him to increase or reduce the playback speed before it became intelligible.

Welch was even more perplexed in a tape experiment with two Arizona guests present. Eighteen outstanding tonal voice imprints of conversational quality impressed on tape, free from the usually expected static, whispers, tape hiss, inaudible's and other distortions. To his surprise, upon replay, two days later, the voices were completely wiped out by some unknown cause. But curiously so, the ordinary external sounds of unexpected nature, such as traffic noise, a barking dog and shifting guests noted on the original playback still remained un erased and unaltered throughout the session. This suggests the possibility of the "other world" broadcast being transmitted on ultra high frequencies, beyond the range of reception by human ears and known electronic equipment's ability to reproduce once evident audible's. Could the seemingly erased voices still be present on this tape, broadcasting in vibrations outside the range of human perception.

And if one has nagging doubts, consider the types of messages recorded form the so-called 'other side.' Advice in accurate form spoken by the voices came through about people Bill and his guests knew, who had passed on. These communications were apparently initiated by skilled technicians living in a much higher state of vibration and intellectual development, far beyond our own, here on earth. Their world allegedly lies in dimensions outside the etheric and astral planes interpenetrating and surrounding earth. "They have devised their own means of coming through." said Bill, "it's their test, not mine." he explained,. "There's little more I could do that I wasn't doing already at my end." As they improved suggestions I could try, and we had our failures.." Bill could often hear these other world scientists discussing among themselves other means of approach, as though he was eavesdropping on a conversation filtering through a wall from a distant chamber.

For verification, Welch inquired in cross correspondence through the old standby, automatic writing. The answers were often verified, as for example, with the sudden improved quality of reception when the Arizona couple were present. It showed how difficult it was to work within universal laws without a full understanding of their correct application," said Bill. "Progress has to be gradual,. Yet I've had some of this country's best mediums in here and there was no noticeable improvement in the quantity or quality of voice-tape contacts. So, if this is mediumistic phenomenon, where are we?

Signals were often weak, sometimes a single word required patient listening and interpretation. At other times, phrases, sentences and even whole paragraphs poured through. There were moments when atmospheric disturbance was stronger than the voices. (Experienced voice-tape researchers prefer night time reception over day time tuning.) Bill believed that a computerized filtering process might offer some solutions for clarity of listening.

Bill went on to explain.. "These are very evolved people who at one time experienced life in the he earth plane. They have had to lower the frequencies of their own bodies as much as possible to reach us, and it's no simple task," he added. "They want earth people to be comfortable with, and assured of the expectation of certain survival beyond physical death."

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