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Unseen Kingdoms


UFO's and Unseen Kingdoms

The Hierarchy of Nature and the Five Kingdoms

In the hierarchy of simple elementals, made up of one elemental substance, and the composite elementals, made up of two or more substances, there exists over them what are called Devas. The Devas are not always described as conscious beings in Human terms. There are two types of Devas described in the eastern world eastern teachings, their Rupa Deva and the Arupa Deva. The Rupa Deva is usually perceived in Human form.. something like an Angel. Arupa Devas are geometric in shape, or formless. Angels rule what is known as the fifth kingdom in the hierarchy. 1. Mineral 2 Plant 3. Animal 4. Human 5.The Angelic Plane.

The first kingdom is made up of earth and solids, minerals and rocks. The second kingdom consists of plants and vegetation. The third contains the animal and creature world. The fourth is humankind while the fifth reveals the abode of the Arch Angels, Angels, Devas, Nature Spirits (gnomes, fairies, etc.) and the more simple entities known as elementals of Earth , Undines (water), Sylphs (air), and Salamanders (fire).

Seven Planes of our Solar System Hierarchy of Unseen Kingdoms

1. Divine
2. Monadic
3. Atomic
4. Buddhic
5. Mental
7. Estheric (Pre-Physical Invisible)
8. Physical (visible)

God - Logos (Source of all)
Planetary Spirits
Deva Lords of Fire, form, etc
Adepts - Avatars
Archangels, solar angel
Great Deva
nature Spirits (Fairies, Gnomes, etc.)
Elementals ( Fire, Air, Water, Earth)

The Devas actually draw their energies and life force directly from the sun. Rupa and Arupa Devas thus function in the plane of lower Angels. They have this power to infuse a substance from their bodies into the various elementals, each made up of a single basic ingredient we know as fire, air, water, or earth. This energy steps down in vibration until it becomes material, or physical. It manifests on our planet as a plant, rock, animal, a human or, some part of these things. They then become mixed combinations of minerals, vegetation, animal and so forth. In this way, the produce certain forms, energies, structures, or foods, or whatever we need to experience life in the earthly realm.

Arupa Devas, being non-physical entities, appear either as a geometric shape or a formless substance. Some among them in lower vibrations are easily seen as clouds or smoke. They readily take on different forms, yet remain ethereal in their bodily appearance. This is not to say that an Arupa Deva couldn't become the specter of a ghost, animal or human, but basically, they are geometrically inclined or remain formless. A good example of an Arupa Deva is a snowflake. No two snowflakes are alike, as are humans, with no two being exactly the same in all respects. Nor are two fingerprints the same. We can also see the manifestation of an Arupa Deva in a crystal, which always has six sides.

A growing quartz crystal invariably matures with six sides which may appear as unequal planes, but always with 6 sides. This is true of both natural crystals such as those found in a cave, or a crystal that was grown in a laboratory. An invisible mathematical intelligence governs the form and growth of crystals, all are Arupa Devas.

Whenever we see geometric shapes which are found throughout nature, pyramids, spheres, hemispheres, cylinders etc.. they are the product of Arupa Devas. Rupa Devas in human from are more inclined to work with higher life forms, especially humankind. Sometimes, Arupa Devas reveal a detailed upper body, with the lower portion being less defined.

Above the Rupa and Arupa Devas then, are the Angels themselves. Archangels being of the highest order, overshadow the different levels of lower Angels, Devas and unseen entities. This involves a whole pattern of study which I will not go into at the moment, except to allow for the fact that we are mostly dealing with the fifth kingdom predominately made up of involutionary forces. In the fifth kingdom however, there are evolutionary forces as well. These are thinking Angels, they are more concerned with great areas of landscape, or the movements of clouds, weather behavior, things our scientists refer to as geo-cosmic events. They are also concerned with volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes; all kinds of earthly upheavals, including the more friendly types like rain, soft breezes, and sunshine etc. They freely and intelligently work for harmony in the interaction of two or more elements and their behavior.

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