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There are few people on earth who are born with, or attain a higher range of vision into the ultra violet spectrum, beyond ordinary human vision, or below into infra red ranges which can only be seen with special lenses. Humans exist among us who also have infra and ultra vision; and one 200,000 people are estimated to have night vision. So, here are some persons who have more evolved sight than others. This is also true of hearing with certain individuals having super-audio perception. They naturally perceive audio sounds not normally heard by others. Some of these sounds are referred to as music, or voices of the spheres, or messages from the spirit world. There are a substantial number of documented cases on record of persons seeing and hearing things invisible and or inaudible to the average human.

The first time in my life that I saw an elemental force was in 1981, during a Frank Sinatra concert at the Albert hall in London, England. There were thousands of people in attendance and an 18 piece band. The forces really built up during the evening and I saw 'sound elementals' The elementals were coming from the orchestra and were moving around, experiencing their ecstasies as they changed speed, crisscrossed, altered direction, and coalesced into new forms and colors before entering the ears and bodies of the audience. I can only describe the perceptions as being the result of combined visual in picturing and out picturing.

Cameras and recording equipment available at the time, along with the aid of computers would scientifically qualify this information, showing it to be true, and that there are things that exist in higher and/or lower dimensions; energies which can be captured by photography or electronic recording equipment not visible or audible at the level of ordinary human senses.

If you are interested in working the forces of mind energy, go outside on a cloudy day and concentrate on changing the shape of a specific cloud. The tufts of the clouds are vaporous and easily dissolved with unblinking, focused eyes. This is one way of begining psyonic work; using mind energy to move or alter an object at a distance.

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