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Great Pyramids and Replicas
All things to All People

The Great Pyramid can be compared with the sun. It is an instrument of life, power and the deeper mysteries. Ask various members of a group: "What does the sun give you?" Answers will be diverse, yet correct. One replies: "The sun lights the world; it enables me to see," Another answers: "The sun warms me." Still another comments: "The sun makes things grow - you know - photosynthesis in plants, etc.. The next exclaims: "The sun is a great electromagnet, without it there would be no electricity, magnetism, radio, global, and other energies." And finally: "The sun is the control key in our solar system, it keeps earth and our nearby planets in orbit."

Now, the Great Pyramid surely belongs in a category with the sun. Readers, writers, researchers, students, visitors, guests, and travelers repeatedly tell us this is the greatest of all the worlds seven wonders is an ancient time capsule. Encoded within its diverse stone blocks, passageways, chambers and measurements, in its precise location, orientation and outer structural form lies the key to the mysteries and wisdom's of the ages. It is, according to pyramidologists, a record of the history of mankind on this planet, containing exact information relating the known and unknown (Biblical) past, a chronology of significant events encompassing the present, ancient prophecy and the future prospects of mankind's evolutionary growth or downward slide into technological oblivion and/or survival in the new age.

The Great Pyramid, and replicas, are alchemical instruments changing both organic matter (mummification, dehydration and preservation) and so-called inorganic matter (sharpening metals, affecting electronic devices, etc.) in beneficial ways. It energizes plants so they grow faster, better, attaining higher essence, ad infinitum, The Great Pyramid is a temple of meditation, initiation and rejuvenation. It is made up of two and half million stone blocks. This great monument is a master slide-rule, computer, mathematical wonder.

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