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Dowsing in Cooperation with Nature

Desired contact with the nature kingdom eventually brings rewarding experiences. After having started doing nature photography, trying to communicate with life unseen forces, mushroom fairy rings began to appear in my yard. This activity later led me to stop swatting flies and killing ants. When I could finally no longer kill any creature without expectation of just reprisal from nature, I started to have some visual perceptions and experiences. The aforementioned fairy ring mushrooms appeared in my front yard after a rainstorm. That was a nice gift because I know of people who have spent years looking for fairy ring mushrooms of even lesser quality in California forests.

There is a massive stone in Santa Barbara, California approximately 30' high on one side and 22' on the other. A fairly large rock grotto ( carved by nature ) can be found at the top, which will about 40 - 50 gallons of water. This is the place where ( if you could see them ) you would likely find water sprites, undines, gnomes and pixies, among other little earth spirits. Rock grottos often appear in "Wild Gardens." Everyone who has a garden should have a wild garden preserve, even if it's only a small patch where nature can do it's own thing without human interference. No human should ever tread into a wild garden, it is forbidden by these spirits for any human to enter into these sacred sanctuaries.

There are stories about people who have unwittingly walked into these naturally wild and woolly places, later to become aware of an ominous presence, as though one were trespassing. I have on occasion blundered into Wild Gardens and had some unpleasant experiences. I now realize that if I had first mentally requested permission from the Landscape Deva, that is the Deva that is in charge of a specific vegetation area, and if I had received an OK through mental impression, the Deva's blessing would have saved me from unexpected events inside. Therefore, without such prior approval, there would be a certain element of risk, including stinging insects, rattlesnakes, scratching cactus, poison ivy, and prickly nettle weed all attracted to and loving the energies manifesting in Wild Garden areas.

If you'll allow the Wild Garden to have its due space in your yard, its presence will energize the rest of your planted and natural outdoor area. I've dowsed Wild Gardens all over the world and been told many unusual stories and characteristics about these capricious sanctuaries.

After being trained by a real master, I have been locating underground water for over fifteen years. During that time, since I have been working with spirits and great Devas, my percentage of success has been substantially improved. This discovery has been consistent when I was confronted with difficult situations where one or more dry wells have been drilled or where there wasn't supposed to be any water at all. here the client has finally asked for a dowsing survey only out of desperation, because geology and hydrology hadn't produced the desired result. Now, I always attempt to make telepathic contact with the presiding Deva and cooperating nature spirits before beginning the work.


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