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Edi's Special Mission

Edi is about thirty years old and is from South America. She has known all her life that she has a special mission to carry out on earth, though the details of that assignment are not yet entirely clear to her. She is an accountant for a major industry in Bolivia and, because of her extraordinary gift to work with numbers, she feels certain that her mission will be focused along this line. Moreover, a New York astronomer, and personal friend, who has studied the patterns in the birthmark on her back, believes that the configuration closely matches that of a major constellation in space.

Years ago Edi was approached by an older man with white hair and a white beard; he called out to her from behind saying "Edi, you are one of us, you have the birthmark on your back." She had never seen this man before, and was not wearing a dress that would show the birthmark. "I'm to give this book to you", he said holding it out to her as she turned around to see who was speaking to her. "Keep it as long as you want. It contains the information you need because your work begins now." ( This man is considered to be a messenger ) He told her that he was from the same constellation and showed her a birthmark on his arm that clearly matched her own natal blemish.

Edi took the book home and read it. Finding information that she thought was interesting but, nothing outstanding. She put the book on a shelf where it sat for about a year and a half and completely forgot about the incident. Then one day, Edi pulled the book down and began to re-read it. On the first page, she got the message; for the first time in her life, she knew what she had to do. A few weeks later, and on impulse, she put the book in her purse and went out. Presently upon leaving work to go to her car, she heard a voice say "Thank you for returning the book". It was the bearded man. How could he have known, unless it was through telepathy? She returned the book and his last words were "You will be contacted again soon."

Several months later, eating dinner in a La Paz, Bolivia hotel, Edi was approached by a tall man. He said, "Edi, I am glad to see you here, may I sit down? I know about your birthmark, I have one too." Her first reaction was to say no to a total stranger but, she felt hew was sincere. Then he said, "I don't want you to think that I wish to invade your mind, but I read your thoughts and it's OK, Am I not correct?" Then, before Edi could reply, he sat down and rolled up his sleeve, revealing the same birthmark on the inside of his left forearm. For the sake of convenience, we shall call this blonde, fair skinned and rather handsome man 'M'.

The next day, the two of them went to an ancient site in Bolivia, known as Tihuanacu. It isn't what the archeologists are claiming it to be; it is an ancient Initiatic and Sacred Ceremonial city ruins of puzzling archeological interest. If we'll ever find solid evidence that ancient astronauts ever visited our planet, Tihuanacu is a prime location for investigation.

Edi asked for proof that "M" was sent by a higher power or intelligence and would he demonstrate some unearthly capability. He then levitated his body and also a very large stone. "M" then turned to Edi and told her that she must learn the power of her mind. Her further told her to mentally raise the same stone. Edi threw up her hands and said that she can't levitate things. "M" told her that she could do it and he again levitated the stone. After a time, Edi managed to hold the stone up, although it was wobbling and slowly sinking back to the ground. "M" told her that it was a good first effort. Although Edi couldn't mentally raise the stone from the ground, she was able to temporarily hold it in space with his help. "You'll gradually learn to do it by yourself." he told her. He then led her through the ruins of Tihuanacu, detailing the history of their forefathers who came there from space in the dim, distant past.

She was later contacted in Miami by a young man from Chile, who also had the same birthmark, giving Edi another message regarding what she was to do. Before leaving Bolivia, Edi took a group of British and American researchers to Samaipata, a place which was about 120 kilometers west of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It is also one of the worlds most enigmatic and ancient sites. No one I ever heard of has the slightest notion of what this carved out, red sandstone hilltop is all about. One thing is sure, the ancient engineers and sculptors worked with elemental forces every step of the way, from planning to completion. Samaipata could well been an ancient landing and launching site for extraterrestrial craft. This possible explanation merits just as much investigation as any of the leading, but implausible theories advanced by archeologist familiar with the site.

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