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Tomas Green Coutinho's Amazing Powers

Tomas lives in Tres Corazones, Brazil and I am told he could levitate chairs, even if they were nailed to the floor. Reportedly, Tomas could pick up a fork between his thumb and index finger, fold it in half, break it into 2 pieces and then have it melt and drip to the floor as though it were in a 2000 degree furnace.

He can also transmute one substance into another, and make coins out of buttons. He can take one of your buttons and make whatever coin you want out of it. There is a video of him transmuting a Brazilian $20.00 bill into butter and back again. The bill was held by a Brazilian general who had signed the bill prior to the demonstration.

Tomas has many other powers as well. UFO's often appear in the backgrounds of pictures taken of him. The images are clear and detailed such as one with a mother ship and a smaller scout-craft emerging from the mother ship. UFO's seem to follow him around but, it is unclear whether or not the ships appear as a result of his will power. Tomas reportedly received these powers as a result of a near fatal accident.

There are 3rd party claims for the extraordinary powers held by Tomas. That he welds metals together or separates fused metals solely with the power of his mind; Charges all types of batteries applying the same phenomenal powers; transforms cotton into metal and vice versa; turns ashes into money; even enlarging or diminishing the object in size as he performs the mental act and then turns the transmuted artifact back to its original state, never having touched the object, and achieving this feat while the specimen is even held in the hands of the astounded subject.

Tomas could also sharpen dull cutlery with intense mind focus. The mid thirty year old pharmacist was capable of unerringly driving an automobile on a winding mountain road while blindfolded. I was told that he could engage or disengage moving parts at will, without touching them. On one occasion Tomas reportedly made a quick, right-hand maneuver with the steering wheel while in traffic ( where there was no right place to go), yet the car continued on straight forward, as though the wheel had been held steady.

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