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Japanese Children Demonstrate
Incredible Phenomena

Advanced 6th root-race children in Japan, easily outdo the most celebrated psychics in the U.S., according to world travelers, Soichi Asai, President, and Hiroshi ono, Vice President of the UFO and Parapsychology Researching Club of Kyoto University, Kyoto City, Japan, who visited the author in Los Angeles, California in May, 1975.

"Uri Gellar's earlier visit to Japan generated a large wave of psychic activity among Nipponese children", they said, "many actually upstaging Gellar's most spectacular feats." Asia and Ono also report that the number of psychically active children in Japan, closely approached some thirty thousand.

Initially, the children could only bend spoons, knives and other light utensils, but later on they began to demonstrate various new and unique, psychic abilities according to their own self discoveries. Fore example, here were a few phenomenal talents that came to light during the interview:

"Some youngsters found they could predict the type of order of playing cards dealt face down on a table." said Asai, "Others were able to mentally generate a thought photograph on film, exposed in total darkness." One child caused metal objects to disappear in local space. Psycho-Kinesis, moving objects by mental direction soon became a rather common occurrence. "Teleportation, prophecy and telepathic, mental radio communication no longer remained unusual forms of expression in Japan," said Asai and Ono. One boy they knew could simultaneously see happenings in the present or shift into cognition of future events, merely by gazing into a water-filled washbowl. Another youth with Psycho-Kinesis abilities was able to recharge batteries simply by touching them.

Masters of Esoteric Teachings have long predicted the dawn of new root-race births which are presently occurring on a planetary scale. These children, advanced in their evolution prove extra-sensory perception is not extra at all; It is Extended sensory perception.

The highly potent Atomic Energies unleashed by the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, at the close of World War II, may have altered Japan's immediate environment giving it new rates of vibration, thereby affecting he psychic capabilities of that nation's newborn children.

A dramatic presentation of "Psychic Photography" was shown in Japanese television prior to 1983. A Japanese youth mentally created a familiar building or landmark, held it in concentrated focus for a few minutes, then in the manner of Tomas, released it with a forward thrust and a loud "HAH!". Lo and behold, a reasonably clear image of the structure and surroundings then appeared on previously unexposed photographic film lying before him.

Although this phenomenon has been duplicated by Ted Serios and other adults during the past 100 years or more, the significant difference here was in the quality and consistency produced. The youth, Masuaki Kiyota, born April 10th, 1962, has an unusually aware sister, Kazuko, who is was 34 at the time of this writing.

Masuaki, feels he is aided by a spirit guide, known to him as Zenefu, who came to him in 1974, opening the boys unusual psychic talents, which includes mentally bending spoons. During the year when Masuaki was born, and at the time of his birth, both of his parents saw strange lights, one above the boys head, and the mother being immobilized for a few hours at the time of the infant's birth, said she couldn't see Masuaki at first, because his body was surrounded by a peculiar opaque, white mist.

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