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Pyramids, Evidence of Higher Beings
from out of the past

During several expeditions to Egypt, I soon learned that what Egyptologists and archeologists tell us isn't always unquestionable fact. Unfortunately, their conclusions are based upon the examination of artifacts, dead bodies and bones; anything that can be materialistically verified. The more bones they find, the more convinced they are that Darwin was right; that we are descended from monkeys. If they want to make a monkey out of themselves, it's O. K. with me, but I think we are descended from wise forefathers, who evolved from even higher, more advanced civilizations, whose material records have been obscured throughout history. Pre historical, antediluvian research is often difficult to verify because ancient technologies, unlike our modern, objective sciences, were of a subjective nature. Today we refer to this phenomenon as "Para science".

Our technology today is totally dependent upon our senses for verification. It is so often denies the subjective aspect, the fact that we can often verify outer world data by going within. The method of dating is continually being revised. The idea that higher man just emerged four or five thousand years ago, just isn't so. Some know it isn't so themselves, but few among these scientists are brave enough to admit it. One can find it frustrating going to an Egyptologist or Archeologist with appears to be a startling new discovery. Because the materialistic scientist is locked in, if it is something that he must also weigh intuitively other than examining orthodox scientific terms, his concrete mind usually rejects the information. Then again his colleagues might laugh at him. He wants to protect his position. So there is actually a perpetuated fraud going on in science today. It is the scientific community that is resisting new knowledge, or rediscovered, old scientific knowledge. I've learned, as others have, to generally avoid the problem of unrealized expectations concerning physical scientist We must go to the intuitive scientists, men and women who think and function on both inner and outer planes of existence.

Most humans are capable of contacting and cognizing other modes of intelligence. The gateway is found through one's intuition. The difference between the intellect and the intuition is that, whereas, the intellect works with the parts, the intuition sees the whole. We could dismantle a brand new Ford and leave the parts on the shore of New Guinea, and the aborigines would use them as cooking utensils, weapons of warfare, or wear them as ornaments. Not having seen an automobile before, the pile of parts would be a wonder to them. We could go back there 10 years later, and we wouldn't see a completed automobile. Some genius or informed person has to understand the nature of the whole, the complete unit. Being limited in scope, the intellect works with parts, it divides to understand, while the wisdom mind (intuition) unites to comprehend things. Understanding then comes from the union of intellect and intuition to conceive the whole thing.

These ancient, higher beings had this ability. When they looked at a work of art, or a monument, they saw it in totality. They were not linear in their thinking. An example of the process involved would be this: when one looks at the Sphinx, one might first see it as a religious object if he were a priest. Perhaps it would be described as an engineering wonder, if one were to ask an engineer what he made of the ancient sculpture. Finally, one could look into the philosophy and legends surrounding it. We could eventually synthesize a dozen different processes.

The Sphinx is therefore, not limited to one expression. nor is the Great Pyramid. This is why science finds the legends about the pyramids and the ancient Sacred sciences hard to accept; because no matter what line of study one goes into, a case could be built for it. Since our technology is so linear, it is very difficult to accept the fact that in the past there were wise men within various races of people with the wisdom and intellect to create a monument or a work of art that was all inclusive; one embracing the sciences of their time, including religion, philosophy and the anatomy of man. Their greater moments, designed and constructed with near absolute purpose, remain for the most part, incomprehensible to the Western mind today. Scientific prejudice compounds the problem.

Curiously, we see and know only what want to see and know. Humans have that strange gift to literally tune-out that which is too difficult to cope with or understand, retaining a blind spot regarding the information until some future time when it can be dealt with. This phenomenon not only tricks one's mind but can blur the vision, dull one's senses and erase from memory valid and useful things concerned with life itself.


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