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Creating an Archetypical Form and
Bringing it into Manifestation

Because so many UFO's are of geometric design being round, disc like, cylindrical or cigar shaped etc. these craft are in reality materialized thought forms. UFO's have been originally created in the invisible planes as a result of thinking of men existing somewhere. Because of this fact, whether these spaceships are considered to be wholly material or not, they have in the past been conceived and developed in the minds of intelligent beings.

A master archetypal plane exists in the lower mental plane. It also functions in the higher mental world, depending on the quality of the form in which the though occurs. It is like an invention. If someone devises a new idea for a product and creates intense thought power, putting a lot of focused energy into it, pretty soon the invention is going to manifest in our material world. It may take the physical labor and materials to do it, but it will likely appear as a result of the accumulation of thought forms driven by the will of man.

Thus the form archetype is created in a thought form, desire world through the medium of focused mental energy. It is an highly attenuated state in this thought form plane, not yet containing much organized substance. As the will for the form to manifest is felt on the various planes, it lowers in vibration from higher mental spheres. Then, the thought form taking shape, in the process of becoming, descends into the lower mental realm, where it might acquire certain scientific qualities. Finally, the finished archetypal form truly exists yet cannot be seen in the physical world. This the portal, pre-physical stage prior to actual transduction, so that it may be perceived by human senses.

As a person brings in emotional energy, being really enthused and wanting the desired idea to manifest, emotional energy then helps to bring the archetypal form down in vibration. A copy of the archetypal form now exists in the emotional (Astral) plane. From the emotional plane, as the person really pictures the thing inwardly, it begins to acquire subtle energies in the etheric realm necessary to bring the form into worldly existence.

This great ocean of energy known as the ether is the pre physical state, where the invisible mould holds the atoms of the material form together. This is when the invisible composite elemental forces are often instantly summoned to join together in bringing the material invention into begin, where it can be seen and felt as solid and semi-solid form for use in our structural world. Of course if the materials have already been mined or harvested, man and machine begin to give the form(s) their physical identity for use in our world.

In consideration of the foregoing analysis, based upon secret teachings of the ages, some UFO sightings, where witnesses are confronted with the "Now you see them, Now you don't" mystery, these reports may at least be explained with some justification. I don't however, believe that all UFO thought form ideas we may see entering our atmosphere are likely the product of humankind living on this planet. The next step in pursuing this line of investigation is to find rational explanations as to why any interdimensional or extraterrestrial entity should conceive such thought forms in the first place; and to what earthly or unearthly purpose these spacecraft may serve?

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