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Build your own Pyramid

The ancients were familiar with the power of the pyramid shape and now it could be used as an energy accumulator and to preserve. In recent years, parapsychologists worldwide ahve tested the pyramid adn found to their amazement that even miniature pyramids made to scale can produce some pretty amazing results when used under proper conditions. The pyramid dimensions found on this site will help you to build a pyramid so that you can conduct such experiments.

1. Researchers have shown that food tends to taste better wehn kept under a pyramid. Try some cheese, fresh vegetables, or fruit to see what you think.

2. Reconsitute stale Orange juice.

3. Keep razor blades sharp almost forever.

4. Reportedly, pyramids have a positive effect on temperature making it possible to grow tomatoes and oranges even in the dead of winter while under a pyramid. If you don't have a garden, try placing a pyramid over a flower and see if it doesn't last longer.

5. Investigators claim that if you put an old coin under a pyramid and leave it there for a month, it will be restored to its original conditon leaving a pile of debris next to it.

6. Try using a pyramid for your TV antenna.

7. A smalll pyramid on the dashboard of your car might result in a longer lasting time between oil changes, improved gas mileage and a better running engine.

8. Wine seems to taste better after being under a pyramid for a long enough period of time.

9. Eggs will last longer under a pyramid vs. being in the refrigerator.

10. Wearing a pyramid as a hat, such as a witches hat or dunce cap reportedly improves psychic abilities, feel more healthy, and reduce headache pain.

It has been noted that in order for these experiments to work it is necessary to have a positive attitude toward these matters. Skeptics have poorer results than those who conduct such experiments with an open mind. Good luck in your own experimentation!


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