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The Warp - Time In, Time Out

Time was... is... will be... Unaware, we alternatively flow with, or resist time. We obey its imposing disciplines when we catch a plane. Times inevitable march frequently awakens distress in some with a second look in the bathroom mirror. The typical American, obviously a victim of time, roots for victory at game's end, mentally fracturing the seconds with one eye on the clock. By contrast, the Oriental waits patiently, it is in his nature to conserve and merge with time.

We perceive and comprehend earthly activity through our five senses by means of time. Literally speaking, time-sense, or lack of it, brings in, or takes us out of this world. When we are deeply engrossed in pleasurable activity, time really flies. Time travel, where one moves forward or backward on a controlled wave of time, I believe, can occur within the higher planes of life, if a high intelligence so desires, indeed it's a reachable goal living in these strata of human existence. But consciously moving oneself, others, or things physically forward or backward in time... Ah! That's another matter.

Consider "bi-location", where the mystic appears in human form at two distinct locations within a measured period of day. Again, to support the idea of time - perhaps non-time events - we have reports of "teleportation" , the instant transference of material substances through solid matter outside the scope of known physical laws.

The late western mystic, Joel Goldsmith, and others, have described experiences of "instantaneity". Joel spoke of an incident where he, himself, and with passengers in an automobile, were transported immediately from a point on the Pasadena Arroyo Seco Parkway to central Culver City, California. The entire trip, according to Joel, consumed less than five minutes, a dubious feat attainable by any speeding race-car on deserted freeways.

Instantaneity apparently comes with more frequency to those living i four-dimensional consciousness, a state of being acquired through long periods of meditation and various physical-mental disciplines (the Pyramid form seemingly accelerates psychic energies associated with higher levels of awareness). Attainment follows repeated thought desire, and emotion toward the higher state in that order, coupled with selfless dedication in its pursuit - but not always.

Rewarding instantaneity, I once had a similar experience - not completely of this world. For years I've been seeking a logical explanation - in particular to the first of three such happenings beginning in 1971. Later investigation revealed the surprising frequency of instantaneous occurrences encountered by others.

A lightening-like twenty minute auto trip on a Saturday night from Laguna Beach to Mira Loma, California normally would have required at least forty-five minutes. At first, I thought my watch had stopped, it hadn't. I even considered the possibility of some monstrous joke, with someone conspiring at either end to set watches and clocks ( including my own ), ahead or behind, as the case may have been. But of course, that wasn't so and I can only describe some of the latter part of the trip as lying outside the region of conscious memory.

It took more than two years of persistent study to partially find out the how and why of this strange episode living in and out of time. Instantaneity (as I later came to understand it) altered time during the brief excursion along the road - where I was suddenly vacuumed into a peculiar time frame, a warp as it were, where the normal progression of moments, past, present and future, all joined to become one unit.

Unlike cross-country "trance" driving, where one loses time-sense; then, later, in studying a road map, finds one has driven fifty miles further than realized - failing to recall, even, one or more small towns driven through en route. And where one observes one's watch and dashboard clock registering the actual time lapsed... No, with instantaneity measured speed, travel distance and clock-time never jibe. My body transporting vehicle must have been momentarily propelled out of earths ordinary succession of moments and into the timeless sphere of another dimension.


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