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UFO Thought Forms, Ours or Theirs?

On a higher level, the potential exists, that if a person could conceive of, and dynamically hold focus on the invention, from beginning to end, one would not have go out and gather the materials. One would actually be able to think the form into being. Most humans can dissolve a cloud with intense mental focus, but to create a cloud-form in a clear sky is another matter.

Few people on the planet today have the power to create a thought form (whatever their need may be) and have it manifest in the physical. However, we have heard of such things as bi-location, where a person can be seen in two places at once, materializing an astral counterpart of their body. Certain Yogies in India can send their astral body out and gather material substance to it so they can be photographed occupying two places at the same time. According to the "Law of Apports" a person can make an object disappear and then reappear at another location, impelling the object through space by desire, working with the elemental forces. Feats of this type are not subject to the limits of time and space as we generally consider them.

So, if UFO's can be the result of thought forms, either the need is there by beings more evolved than we are, of whom we may or may not be aware and of what these needs actually are, or they may be the result of an accumulation of thought forms generated by people living in different parts of the world, perhaps spanning long periods of time. Hence, thought forms given sufficient energy and focus could start the form idea vibrating in the archetypal sphere of the mental form plane. As desires intensify and multiply, through repetitious persistence and the wills of scheming, thinking people, the energies coalesce, gather power, and according to their focused intensity, begin vibrating down through the invisible planes. The composite idea vector sometimes reaches our physical plane.

These thought forms are more often than not energized by Arupa Devas. These form building creatures, with others that infuse the object with the substance of their own bodies, make up the disk, sphere, or cigar shaped object; whatever it may be that we label as being a UFO flying through space and time.

Why do UFO's commonly appear in the foregoing described shapes? Is it because that is the way we humans subconsciously want them to materialize? Perhaps UFO's are the forerunners of earthly spacecraft which will one day provide our future means of travel? Are we seeing craft by means of premonition, vehicles which are already functioning on the inner planes, awaiting that precise moment in time for them to serve humanity in our physical world? Maybe they are entirely practical in the finer spheres of existence, but many types of UFO's are simply unable to maneuver and stay aloft for any given time in our global atmosphere. Therefore, thought form craft from the invisible realms may possibly burn out, dissolve, or quickly change their vibrational rate in order to survive and then safely return to etheric astral or mental planes from which they came.

On the other hand, if the were solely the works of geometric, Arupa Devas then their origins and purpose would have to be studied and considered in different terms. In this case, the would-be, strictly extraterrestrials, as we think of them, are rather inter dimensional in origin. And we have the"anachronism", a kind of Fortean person, place or thing existing out of its time, past or future. Buggy whips and mustache cups in their day were in great demand, now these items are treated as novelty, having generally outlived their usefulness. Are UFO's anachronisms re-introduced from an advanced past or future?

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