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The Searl Levity Disk

John Searl, British Engineer, was developing a generator for the Midlands Electricity Board in 1949. The device, consisting of magnetic rings rotating in different directions astounded the scientist by revolving with a sudden lift off. The disk hovered overhead approximately 50 feet emanating a pink glow before racing off into space at an incredible speed.

In the ensuing years, John Searl and fellow researchers have spent over a million pounds, sending aloft some fifty levity disks. One ten foot diameter saucer, one without fuel, reportedly crossed Cornwall in a few minutes and went into orbit around the earth five times. A similar disk traced by radio, traveled within a few miles of the moon.

Noiseless, high voltage generators surrounded by vacuum, (magnetic thrust from centrifugal force) apparently collects solar energy and drives the craft without any signs of power pollution. The highly maneuverable Levity Disk seems to have unlimited speed and can easily take off or land with vertical movement.

The Searl National Space Consortium once made up of over 1,000 shareholders and members throughout the world reportedly has tracking stations in Portugal and Denmark and an additional laboratory in Japan. To help raise money, the group was working on a two man, $66,000.00 show and demonstration disk in the mid '70's. This disk would be capable of taking off from England and visiting foreign lands. Observers below would see this disk as a ball of fire, presumably while pilots would be safe as the high temps surrounding the craft could not penetrate the surrounding vacuum. Searl said, "The disk could reach the moon in less than one hour, and a trip to Mars would take about one month." Pilots could maneuver the craft by opening cells in the disks surface altering the saucer's balance along the rim.

Some outstanding features of the Levity Disk included fuel less operation, automatic beacon control, and the ability to hover, with its vacuum drawing and snuffing out the flames of forest fires. The disk might also be able to direct this vacuuming capability into the eye of a hurricane to dissolve its force. "Moreover, the disk will easily operate in any kind of weather."

levity disk mockup

The consortium plans to construct a thirty meter diameter, fifty plus passenger disk with an additional 2,000 lb freight payload. But, a giant 550' diameter levity disk, luxury hotel which could land for overnight visits at selected locations on the globe would allow tourists to sleep on board throughout their travels. This plan offered unheard of travel accommodations according to Seal and his supporters.

Even beyond, Searl envisioned 'Starship Ezekiel', a 1,000 passenger levity disk, which was in a highly developed planning stage, awaiting some $20,000,000.00 funding. This sky vessel would carry scientists to far off sites, not currently accessible, in a matter of minutes. Searl, lacking formal training in astrophysics, has demonstrated a profound knowledge in this field. His discovery of the phenomenon, prior to 1950, showed a spinning metal disks periphery, where positive waves move inward to the craft's rotational axis.


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