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Visibility, Invisibility and Changes in Vibration

A striking comparison can be made between form units of etheric forces and UFO's. Either may suddenly become visible, and fade away just as quickly. Therefore, they are likely vibrating in an intermediate sphere bridging the pre-physical (etheric) plane and the physical world in which we live.

Thus, it's conceivable that humans could travel in the ether if one could survive that state of vibration. An obviously gross person however, might lose one's body during the rapid change from earthly existence into the finer frequencies of the ethers. But one doesn't have to leave our planet to succumb to humanly intolerable environments: sudden heat spells and freezing temperatures have claimed thousands of lives and, some people have received medical advice to not live in regions of higher altitudes.

In studying the electro-magnetic spectrum we see that slower vibrational energies are easily detectable through ones own senses, without the help of instruments. A Sound Scale has been devised, denoting certain octaves, with touching registering at the lowest range. As the vibrations gradually speed up, we have sound. Going up on the scale we observe other ranges ever increasing in frequency.

Alexander Graham Bell, was once quoted in a scientific magazine article published some eighty years ago, in which he said, "If you place a rod in the ground and electrically vibrated the rod, a t first you would feel its oscillation. If it were vibrating a little faster, you would expect to hear a hum from the shaft. Should it be heightened further, it would eventually become magnetic. By adding more resonance to the rod, it would begin to produce electrical energies. Further increasing the rod's intensity, would then cause it to be warm, proceeding onward through the temperature range, revealing colors associated with heat; red, orange, yellow, blue, violet and so on. Then, as the vibrations augmented, it enters the radio spectrum, producing radio waves. Beyond that, it would enter the chemical range in the forty-eighth or forty-ninth octave. Still increasing the intensity of oscillation, it will begin to produce light around the fiftieth octave. A little higher up it goes into the realm of x-rays. Here, it would become dangerous to touch, or to be too near the rod. More rapid oscillations cause the rod to give off gamma rays, very dangerous to the human form. Then proceeding on up higher in the spectrum, the so called cosmic rays begin to make their presence known. So from a few vibrations a second, to countless millions ( numbers with 17 or 18 decimal places) the rod continues to blur as it vibrates with increasing intensity. Eventually, it will become invisible, and then, who knows where it would go from there."

Maybe this is what happens to UFO's, the crafts vibrational rates are simply modified according to what is needed at a given time. The UFO and the occupants would change in substance, giving the ship great maneuverability and capability to disappear in the sky, a phenomenon observed by many credible witnesses since 1947.

Extraterrestrial, inter dimensional and thought-form entities are conceivably of a more advanced evolutionary development, enabling them to withstand these sudden changes in vibration. Unless the life giving frequencies were harmoniously stabilized for human occupation within a moving UFO, I seriously doubt if an ordinary mortal could survive such an experience.

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