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Apparitions... Holographic Structures in the Sky

How can we explain the cause, effect and meaning of apparitions, ghosts, spirit forms, and other nebulous phenomena? Ancient manuscripts and even contemporary history are replete with the sudden appearances, or visions of angels or God-like beings. The celestial visitor may often convey certain vocal messages to a chosen one. Prophecies occasionally follow in the name of the contactee. At other times, the visions remain silent and hover for prolonged periods of time before fading into oblivion.

If we admit the possibility of space visitors with technological skills far in advance of our own, three dimensional photography, holographic images created in mid air can be the origin of apparitions. We can already view 3-dimensional images formed through ultrasonic means - a remarkable interchange between light and sound. Experiments now in progress also prove the human voice can be projected along a beam of concentrated laser light. With motion holography, we can also have moving, speaking constructions in space.

Apparitions seen our atmosphere, along with other ghostly phenomena, including nature spirits, might just be holographic images created by masters, benevolent, higher intelligence's from space or other dimensions. It seems their primary purpose is humanitarian and religious in nature and follows a certain pattern.

Consider the 1917 Fatima apparitions in Portugal. The appearance of heavenly beings as a force was probably created to balance the negative, war-like consciousness permeating Europe before the close of World War I.

Note the sensational April, 1968 Zeitoun (near Cairo), Egypt apparitions. Warnings appear about man's hostility and greed, and insensitivity toward nature, earth and planetary life. The Zeitoun apparitions manifested in the warring regions of Egypt and the hold land. Then there were the astonishing apparitions over Korea a few years ago. Those who subscribe to this compassionate balancing of negative energies point out that the religious apparitions there contributed toward shortening the war of attrition in Korea at the time. Some of the prophecies made after the Fatima sightings have been exceedingly accurate, with some yet expected to unfold.

Holographs are created with coherent light, waves running in parallel, as opposed to incoherent light emanating from incandescence, gas and flame light. The 3-dimensional image also changes with the moving perspective of the observer. One can walk around the hologram and view it as a 3-dimensional object. Present laser holograms can attain several feet in size in each dimension.

From another point of focus, the photographic image produced by holography is nothing more than a thought form, frozen in time. If it is a kinetic hologram, then it is a thought form in space. The question is: Whose thought form? Our holographic science may now be catching up,. But to what? Maybe some UFO's are holograms. Could the apparitions themselves be holograms projected from spacecraft or even outer space?

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