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Another aspect of this phenomenon is, that if we are working with pre-physical energy, force fields as mysterious and effective as those used in spiritual healing's, then elemental forces can be summoned, if the energized thought form is strong enough. This power that makes it possible fro tiny, invisible entities to congregate and materialize, even in a pre-physical state, is done with the power of thought and a word, or a sound of a power.

Sound is a very potent energy, which in terms of UFO investigation, needs more open minded study. Today, in a laboratory, with ultra-sound we can literally dissolve materials, even stones and hard objects in moments, literally vaporizing them. So we are already scientifically able to destroy various types of forms. They visibly cease to exist. Building up forms and preserving them usually requires different skills and consumes longer periods of time.

The difficulty is in creating. Science is, however, commercially synthesizing rubies, diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones in the laboratory. They are now made with such high quality that it is very hard for even an expert to tell a synthetic stone from the real thing. In appearance the untrained eye only sees a kind of sameness, we must remember though, that this type of creativity requires physical components at the start.

The only thing that determines the difference is the price. One could spend thousands of dollars fro a tiny ruby and only a hundred dollars for a synthesized ruby of the same size. The value is set by the fact that one is created naturally, while the other is very high order of vibration. Whether made by man or nature, both owe their continued existence to an ongoing, master form sounding its keynote in the archetypal spheres. As long as that archetype exists, the form will continue to exist. Finally, when the archetype or material form is destroyed, or has at last decayed beyond recognition in the physical world, all forms and integrity vanishes.

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