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Photographing Spacemen:
To Appear or Not Appear

Paul Laussac, a South American Spaceman gathers unusual data and is setting up a research center near Brasilia, Brazil. Like most of the space people I have met, he is financially secure, but not for the sake of money. Paul isn't chasing after material things, his main goal is to server humanity.

Paul can choose to appear, or not appear in a photo when you take his picture, choosing to only be seen as energy on film. A few other spacemen I have met in Brazil also have this same capability. I have been in photos with Paul where my own body began to disappear because specialized energy extended from his body into my own Auric field. It can be hard to get a photo of him in focus because he is so often in a different state of vibration than what might expect in ordinary human terms.

Although our naked eye is unable to see these energies, the camera can capture them, just as the tape recorder can record phenomena which we don't normally hear. These energies function in the sub-audible or super-audible ranges, giving us extended hearing and wider vision in the ultra-violet and infrared spectra. We see only within a very small range of a vastly greater visual scale. Clairvoyants, clairaudients and certain instruments record frequencies of seeing and hearing that have little to do with infra-red or ultra-violet. They are obviously registering sights and sounds perceived in the higher octaves of light and color, music and sound. People with ultra sensitive hearing may be clairaudient, that is, hearing broadcasts without a radio and or voices and music from the spheres.

These energy forms that appear are made up of elemental forces or spirits. For example, there are three types of fire. Electrical fire is the highest, then solar fire, and fire by friction. Spontaneous combustion or chemical fire comes under the classification of solar fire. All three fires operate as a result of fire electricity, produce heat and in the highest aspect, is electricity. Paul is likely operating in the solar realm, though we don't have any instruments sensitive enough to measure it.

I call people like Paul, spacemen for lack of a more specific or appropriate term. They come form our planetary existence in many ways. Not all enter our world in UFO's or spacecraft of a physical kind, some are born here, or later on, have taken over a body, often a damaged one, quickly repairing it with unimaginable healing skills, sonality emerges in a person who now demonstrates marvelous powers. These are all incarnating souls coming from somewhere in space, hence the term spaceman/woman.

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