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The Tesla-Scope for Interplanetary Contact

Nearly a century ago, when the idea of interplanetary communication was primarily a Jules Verne fantasy, Nikola Tesla was already performing serious research and formulating devices for the express purpose of contacting extraterrestrial"Beings". Tesla was the first man in earth's history to record intelligently controlled signals from outer space. (see Colliers Magazine, "Talking with the Planets", February 9th, 1901: The Electrical Experimenter April 1919 and Interplanetary Messages.


While Nikola Tesla was conducting experiments with his Magnifying Transmitter at Colorado Springs in 1899, he detected coherent signals which he determined had originated on Mars. Tesla was widely criticized for his astounding claims, yet no one could seriously dispute him, for he was a solo pioneer without peer. No one since then has reported constructing a Magnifying Transmitter or otherwise replicated his experiment, so the issue remains unresolved and the mystery unsolved. Tesla revealed no technical details in his pronouncements and publications of that period, other than the pertinent patents. His Colorado Springs notebooks were published in the 1980s, but they make no mention of his alleged contact with Mars.

Tesla provided complete instructions for the construction of the Tesla-Scope, which operates on the same principle as his anti-war device. The actual machine was put into operation by Arthur Matthews, of Quebec, Canada. Since it functions ont eh sophisticated, Tesla micro-wave system, it won't pick up conventional radio / T. V. broadcasts, but the instrument is specifically designed to receive transmissions from spaceships and can be equipped to receive from other planets.

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