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The Builders, Preservers and Destroyers

As we know in nature, there are 3 basic types of elemental forces, and this may be over simplification. The builders, the Preservers and the Destroyers.

Everything has a decay rate. In fact, science uses this method to determine the age of ancient artifacts and objects, stones and so on, by using a carbon radiation decay method. Science does this by judging the normal decay rate of an object and then estimating its age. Moreover, we have quick decay foods such as apricots, bananas and peaches. After a few hot summer days they will quickly decay. Leave an egg out of the refrigerator for very long and it will rot. Some other objects or substances such as metal may take thousands of years to decay. Everything must go back to the source from whence it came.

With the builders we see new plants and flowers coming out of the ground. New cells form in our bodies and so on. We have this growth and building process going on among the elemental forces where ever life exists. A kind of an ever changing, life renewal process can be seen throughout the human and subhuman kingdoms.

When we learn to work with the preserving forces, we stay healthier and can prolong our life. The pyramid form is known to help slow down the decay rate of various foods and even people. Remember that the destroyers are not bad because they destroy, they are only doing what they are supposed to do. Life is a continual process of building up, preserving, and breaking down all material things so that new things can come up and take their place. That is the function of evolution and involution, and it will go on as long as earth exists.

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