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Capturing Energy Forms on Camera

We know that in the spirit world it is very hard to separate one category from another, except that certain mediums do produce ectoplasm from this ether, have the power of levitation, independent voice mediumship, etc. This doesn't necessarily have anything to do with what I am describing here. We are considering the possibility of certain human beings in different states of vibration and the camera recording what we don't normally see.

human energies

As space-persons intentionally or otherwise change vibration upward, their bodies began to give out more and more light. This was told to me by a clairvoyant in Vista, California, who has higher vision. There was a wonderful radiance in her countenance; she could see trees, animals, and people as light forms. It is sometimes difficult for her to see in detail, what we ordinarily observe in the physical. An Indian Holy man coming out of meditation may occasionally have to squint his eyes to make the features of the person before him because he too, sees them as a light form. This is possible because his vision has become attuned to other planes of existence, which can somehow, also be captured by the camera.

The photographs we have taken have all been with standard, 35 mm film, we have tried with infra-red but only achieved minor success. We had some surprises with ultra-violet, but with just ordinary film, under ordinary circumstances, we have photographed entities from other dimensions. How they fit into the fifth kingdom, (the angelic world) is not understood, but they are beings who live in other systems, maybe coming from other planets or planes of existence. Perhaps their world occupies the same space as ours, yet being spheres, are totally unknown to us, unless they began to show themselves in ways like our photographs.

When pictures of a particular Los Angeles woman were taken, a similar thing happens. She is usually in a high state of vibration. The photographer took the pictures to experts for analysis, they couldn't account for the anomalies, saying that "It is impossible for a high-speed 35mm film to produce such effects and colors." When he asked the experts what he should do with the pictures, they told him.."better than risking unpopularity and making waves, it would be better to destroy them and forget the entire matter."

Situations like these are not rare, unexplainable happenings in photographs. So, if we make a deeper analysis of the subject - with open, cooperative, expert assistance - photography's contribution tot he so-called unknown will be of inestimable value.


Unfortunately, several exceptional energy-form negatives and prints have been altered or destroyed in photo-lab darkrooms. Technicians are trained to to see anything contributing to something less than a perfect, clear photo, as being caused by incompetent "shutterbugs", defective camera or film, or unwanted reproduction errors. If you ever come up with an unusual photo, know your darkroom lab-man, and explain that you want all of the negatives developed as is or you may lose a once in a lifetime photograph.

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