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The late and vastly under-rated electrical genius, Nikola Tesla, conceived the idea of thought-photography years ago. "I became convinced," he told a reporter many years later, "that a definite image formed in thought must, by reflex action, produce a corresponding image on the retina of one's eye, and possibly be read by a suitable apparatus." Thoughtography, according to Tesla, was the basis for his system of television first revealed in 1893.

The master inventor planned to fabricate an artificial retina as a means of impressing thought signals on a screen. He hoped to complete the broadcast by means of a simulated "optic nerve" and another retina at the point of reproduction. As Tesla conceived it, the two retinas would be multifaceted with checkerboard like patterns. "The so-called potic nerve," he added "was merely a part of earth.

According to the report, Tesla had previously invented an instrument capable of simultaneously, and without interference, transmitting hundreds of thousands of individual impulses through the ground without the use of wires. He referred to a scanning device or cathodic ray, and reasoned that a thought or mental drama reflected on the retina could be captured through photography and projected on a screen."Thus, the objects imagined or visualized by a person would be clearly reflected on the viewer as formed:" he said. In this way the inventor believed all thoughts held in the mind of the test subject could be portrayed upon an optical surface. Scientists foresee sensitive instruments containing numerous bands responsive to a multitude of thought patterns passing through crystals.

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