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Life isn't Easy for Space Emissaries

There are emissaries among us who know who they are, and even remember their race or culture of origin. They also know the star system or galaxy or constellation they hail from; they instinctively know this from the time they are born, most are sworn to secrecy. Some are involved in politics, science or religious work; revealing the nature of their assignment would be a disadvantage. Others whom we consider to be geniuses, giants in their field, charismatic leaders, master teachers, or the wise ones, among them will be found the true emissaries.

Not all emissaries are found to be as previously described. Various emissaries only have a vague idea of who they are, they do know that they are quite different from the average man and may be considered to be misfits in the physical world. Being the unique persons they are, emissaries may be considered 'out of step' with society. It would be the same for us if we had to go down a notch from where we are on the evolutionary ladder and live with a civilization of savages. We would have to make changes and downward adaptations.

For some of the advanced entities, consciousness and memory is veiled because it could be to their advantage not to remember from where they came. Otherwise, it could be too difficult for them to cope with life in this world. They only know that they are here because they have a special assignment and, not carrying out that assignment would be too devastating, so they must succeed. A few here and there are figuratively going crazy trying to understand what the yet unknown assignment may be, so impatience leads to escape, excesses and failure.

Some emissaries soon become excessively involved with drugs, alcohol, or sex, anything to try and escape from this world; knowingly, or instinctively want to get back to where they came from. These people really need help, but its not likely they will find it from people who are close minded in their opinions about UFO's, and things not of this world. All to often, these veiled emissaries may have mental, emotional and sometimes physical problems, so great understanding, patience and empathy is required. Self delusion, an egotistical attitude of self importance, or the the opposite extreme, low self esteem, are often signs to watch for.

Why should the change from one planetary life system to another be so traumatic? Suppose their is now an, sickness or death where they came from. Perhaps, their food and drink was made up of pure essences, even quintessence's. Maybe their social and family life was, for the most part, harmonious. Imagine then, what a comedown one would find upon awakening into our earth life; the adjustment would be horrific. Unable to cope with the new environment, it is conceivable that the entity could become neurotic and seek the most readily available escape routes at hand. Neurotic and addicted, or seemingly eccentric persons aren't necessarily ignorant. To the contrary, most are very intelligent and gifted beings.

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