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Video: Space Shuttle UFO STS Missions


Snowflake UFOs Spotted Observing External Fuel Tanks on Multiple STS missions.


It appears that snowflake shaped or some form of crystalline ships are observing external fuel tank drops from STS space shuttle missions. Two so far have been captured on film by multiple STS crews.

The video above is from STS-120 and the camera man actually becomes distracted by it and focuses on it rather than the fuel tanks he is supposed to be filming.

The crystalline object has symmetrical structure, like a two pronged trident with branches. It seems to de-accelerate and turn to follow the tank.

The video below is from the STS-115 mission and shows a very similar object. This one is more triangular in shape, but follows the fuel tank just as the latter mission.

So what do we have here? Ice from the side of the shuttle? That seems to be the "in" blow off answer right now. Or do we have something very out of this world?



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