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Area 51 | Drive Up Video


Drive Up to Area 51 | Groom Lake


This video doesn't reveal any secrets or new photos of the "secret" base, but I still found myself captivated watching this. Area 51 is certainly no secret anymore as the US government no longer denies its presence, but they certainly still guard this area well with signs warning of deadly force authorized. Ones that should be taken seriously by anyone wanting to tell of their journey.

I am not sure the guy (who remains nameless in the video) was ready for the start of this as he was eating on something and chokes it down as soon as it starts. Maybe he did this on his lunch hour. He first tells of his plans and the criminal process that he could be subjected to if he is caught.

He first drives by the infamous "Black Mail Box" which now is white and covered in graffiti. It then shows the turnoff from the highway is not marked at all. You have to know where to turn.

Area 51 Gate GuardHe drives on down the dirt road following 2 other vehicles which apparently had access to the base. A couple of times he mentions if anyone comes his way, he is turning around and high-tailing it out of there.

He makes it as far as the warning signs and quickly videos the vehicle that sits on the hill and guards the entrance. He then turns around and leaves.





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