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Phoenix Lights Video 3


Phoenix Lights 2006 (Video) 3 & 4


This 3rd video was sent to by Josh Ruckstuhl.

"This video here was filmed on June 15th 2006 at 9:34 pm Arizona time.

I was on my roof just like any other night capturing ufos on video. This one in particular was very quick I’m lucky I captured on film. This video is an excellent example of debunking any military flare exercises due to the incredible turns these objects make. If it were military chaffs, anti-aircraft flanks or flares ..(which you and I both know its not) there’s nothing I know that can maneuver in the sky like that and take turns at those angles. If there is I'd like to know....more to come..."

Joshua Ruckstuhl

The 4th video sent in is actually an earlier recording.

"This video here I can't quite remember the date, but I do know it was one of my first videos. There is no date and time because I didn't know how to work the settings on the camera. This video was taken from my house in Carefree, Arizona facing south towards Phoenix. The objects that are filmed are the amber/golden colored lights that show up so often in my other videos. These ones are directly above Deer Valley airport and appear in front of the airplanes that are taxiing, taking off or landing. The airport is about 5 miles away from my house. I will be doing further research to triangulate the exact positions of these objects due to the frequent appearances of the phenomena."


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