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Blountville Tenn UFO


UFO Photographed near Blountville, Tennessee

UFO MUFONThe UFO Casebook received yet another excellent sighting report with photograph from Tennessee. As usual, we thank Kim Shaffer, Director of MUFON Tennessee for his exemplary service, and dedication to his work. I wish we had a few more like him.


The report goes as follows:
This gentleman was coming home North up Interstate 81 In Blountville Tennessee at approx 19:15 hours. He had taken his son to the water park and was returning and happened to have his camera in the seat of his car.
He first noticed this tri-lobed object out of his driver side window passing his car. He was doing 75 mph as the object passed him and crossed the interstate in front of him. He snapped several photos. One caught this amazing object. He stated that in seconds, the object had sped away from the interstate to the east and out of sight.


UFO Photographed near Blountville, Tennessee


In the interview of this witness, relative size was determined as being as large as a golfball at arm's length, highly polished metallic. He also stated that there were other vehicles around him and someone had to have seen this object. just lucky he had his camera. This is only a preliminary report and will require further investigation with use of photo-analysis and contact with the FAA. (click on small image above to see full size photo)source: Kim Shaffer MUFON Tn SD



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