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Starksboro Vermont UFO


Starksboro Vermont


On January 29th 2004, on the way home from picking up my 6 year old from kindergarten I saw something in the sky. I grabbed a disposable camera that I had in the car and shot through the windshield, then jumped out of the car and snapped a second and then it was gone. I got two photos (close-up above, full images below). To me it was a UFO, but maybe there is another explanation?

The object looks a little different in each photo-- maybe it was turning or whatever. I wish I had gotten a better shot or more of them. I remember a few years ago seeing 3 stars in the night sky lined up in a row ; then as I was looking at them the middle star moved out to create a triangle and then they formed a circle, spun around for a few minutes and took off in three different directions. Try explaining that one!

--R.W. Martin
Starksboro, Vermont

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