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Tasmania Australia UFO


Tasmania, Australia


Camera: C5050 Olympus Camedia (5 Megapixel Camera) Jan 04/04

Alien Photos | Tasmania AustraliaI took a series of photos "panoramic" from south west to north west on the A10 Highway& somewhere between the Franklin & Alma Rivers.




"My wife and myself recently spent 8 days in Tasmania, we had a wedding to attend on the 4th of January and decided to get to Tassie a few days earlier and spend a few days there after the wedding. On the 3rd of January we travelled from Hobart to our destination for that day "Cradle Mountain", being a bit of a mad photographer and with a digital camera I tend to take a lot of photos.

Alien Photos | Tasmania Australia Large

I would guesstimate the time being around 2pm. That night I downloaded the photos onto my Notebook computer at our accommodation at the Highlander at Cradle Mountain, it was not until the next day when we had arrived at Hawley Beach "location of the Wedding" I was showing some friends over a couple of pre wedding drinks some photos that I had taken to date on our adventure the object was spotted by my friend Jason. On my return to melbourne I sent the photo of to a couple of UFO sites I had found on the www you being on of them "the other sent me a dirty reply for wasting their time".

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