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Phoenix Lights Video 2


Phoenix Lights 2005 (Video) #2


This 2nd video was sent to by Josh Ruckstuhl.

"Well its quite odd how these objects were showing up. I started seeing them back in Jan of 2005. I was on my way back the mall in Scottsdale and I saw these amber golden colored orbs off in the distance towards Estrella and South Mountain. I've never seen a ufo in my life up until that point, but I've been fascinated with the whole epidemic all throughout my childhood years. So once I got home I made a ladder system up to the highest point on the roof. When I got up there, there were two golden amber colored balls of light stagnantly resting above the mountains miles and miles in front of me. I would say these objects were between 30 to 40 miles away with intimidating colors that were pulsating with brilliance. As I'm watching these amber golden orbs the one on the right seemed to eject or shoot some kind of repeating light pattern that looked like sparks. Now these sparks had repeated themselves one after another three times in perfect synchrony outwards of the orb. After I saw that I immediately ran down the ladders and grabbed a video camera because I finally realized I was seeing something out of the ordinary and only after that night these objects would be an ordinary . I have also attached the video clip from that night along with this message. more to come ...."

Joshua Ruckstuhl


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