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Approximately two weeks ago during the first week of October 2004, I ventured outside onto the the deck in back of my house to enjoy an absolutely splendid Autumn afternoon. It was a day of low humidity and the sky was a crystal clear blue, except, for one little, lonely, cloud cluster just above the house. It caught my attention because as I looked around there wasn't another cloud to be seen in the sky. This small cloud cluster struck an odd chord. It simply seemed strange and out of place. In addition, the cloud seemed to be swirling very, very slowly. Normally, I would have never considered snapping a picture, but it just appeared to be so odd. So, I went inside and grabbed my old Cannon T 70 camera off of the dining room table in order to snap some pictures of this stange little cloud cluster. The film inside was Kodak 400.

Today, (October 21, 2004) I had the film developed at the local pharmacy. When I viewed the pictures, I was absolutely astonished by what I had captured on film. There appears to be some type of craft hidden in that little cloud cluster and there appears to be a small orb off to the one side. I thought you might like to take a look at the pictures.


UFO in Clouds 2

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