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Summer '03 (not sure the month) on my way to my parents for the weekend. Stopped just after Port Perry / Ontario / Canada to take a photo of the rainbow (as seen). Never looked at the the photo again till Aug of 2004 (was just copied to my harddrive and forgotten).
What a surprise and shock when I open the photo today. Thinking back when this photo was taken it was a digital camera (1600X1200 setting). I had pulled over and was out of the car standing on the side of the road. I do not remember seeing anything before or after the photo was taken. I do have another image of the same area with nothing in it taken a few second after (portait shot though). Only other thing was a few pretty big thunderstorms that were in the area at the time.

Perhaps someone saw the same thing...or has photos that show the same shape objects from the same area or elsewhere.



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