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Video: Larry King Live UFOs 2007


Larry King Live on CNN

UFOs: Are They Out There? (July 13, 2007)


On Friday July 13, 2007, The "Larry King Live" show did a special on UFOs and the alleged July 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico which recently celebrated its 60th birthday.

In attendance were Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist and Roswell researcher, Jesse Marcel Jr, author of "The Roswell Legacy and son of Col. Jesse Marcel who saw the wreckage, Buzz Aldrin, a former NASA Apollo 11 astronaut, Fife Symington, a former Governor of Arizona during the 1997 Phoenix UFO sighting, James Fox, filmmaker of "Out of the Blue", George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM, Michael Shermer, publisher of Psychic Magazine.

Larry King again seemed uncomfortable doing a special interviewing people about UFOs and the Roswell subject. At sometimes there seemed to be no order. Most of that caused by Shermer and his child-like antics. I thought a couple of times that Friedman was going to reach over and smack him. He didn't, but made a great (and true) comment. That Shermer is a debunker, not a skeptic. I appreciate a good skeptic and their side of it any day, but he was simply rehashing old tired debunker rhetoric.

As much as I love Buzz, I'll have to say that he was useless as well and pretty much brought the show to a standstill rambling on endlessly, equipped with a model talking about a story that seemed recently made up or altered. Why would he comment on what the UFOlogist would think about what he said on that flight? If I am flying to the moon and I see a light or object following us, my first thought is not going to be "I better be careful with what I say or the UFOlogist will go ape over it."

Larry King UFO SpecialMarcel, Jr gave an unchanged story of Roswell and his personal experience and it was good to see Syminton come clean, but I still can't forgive him for defusing the potentially best UFO story in the last 60 years during a time it was actually gaining main stream attention. Thanks for nothing now.





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