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Video: Paris Lights UFO


Spinning Lights Over Paris


Here is a very intriguing video found on YouTube that shows a spinning "orb" with appears to be 3 arms with smaller orbs at the tips. The video was said to be taken in Paris, France.

After hovering for a few seconds the object takes off with incredible acceleration bursting light through the clouds that it passes.

What's not great about this video? The fact that it is supposed to be recent meaning in this day and age with CGI as advanced as it is, things like this can be reproduced at home on the desktop by anyone now. And the technology is going to only get better.

I hate the fact that people would make videos like this, it only belittles and mocks the real ones being seen almost everyday now. But everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame. If it is a fake, it's a good one. The object is dead-on with the camera movements.

Paris Lights UFOThe user that posted this video left no description other than "ufo over paris", with such little information it's hard to make a determination on this one.

Even though this is a very nice video, I'll leave this one where I found it. With the peanut gallery at YouTube.




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