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UFO Chasing Plane in Canada


UFO Chasing Planes in Canada

UFO tailing planes

(Click here for full view)


I took these photos on September 21, 2004-- at the time I never looked at them closely until I uploaded them onto my computer. I took the pictures because of the unusual circumstance of seeing two planes with vapor trails in such a close formation over a populated city (Calgary, Alberta, Canada). If you look toward the left side of the pictures (one in the middle left and another in the bottom left) you will see a dark object (one very lage the other quite small, obviously lit from the top and obviously not a bug or something). And what of the situation of 2 planes flying that close over a populated region?

If anyone wishes to examine the original images please email me and I will send the originals to whomever wants them.

--Michael Thomas

UFO Chasing Planes in Canada

(Click here for full view)



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