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Software InstallWhipNet, specializes in helping our clients improve their software development environments through the effective use of software configuration management.

We have a great deal of experience in helping companies deal with the many technical and cultural issues that come with introducing change.

We work on bringing the two together in the most efficient manner and ensure that everyone is trained and has an understanding of what that process is.
WhipNet provides consulting expertise in all areas software.  Each of our consultants is trained and experienced in a variety of disciplines and tools which enables us to assist our clients with a customized solution based on industry best practices.

As organizations implement more complex software such as document and relationship management programs, they are called upon to make key design decisions about those programs before they've ever installed and used them. In Microsoft Windows Software Installorder to make these decisions effectively, preliminary training and education must be presented to the decision-makers, explaining not only key features of each program, but also the possible consequences and implications of each decision. We work with integrators, internal IT professionals, and internal focus groups of representative users to help make the design decisions that ensure a program's success within the firm.


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