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The Montauk Superman

The Montauk Superman

Part 7 <-- | -->

December 25th 1997

Christmas MontaukFor the previous few weeks I have been writing down my thoughts to try and make some sense of it all. My thinking is that if I organize some kind of "time line" I can organize my thoughts and get a better picture. What you are reading is obviously the time line. Christmas eve I have no friends to talk to and no where to go. This doesn't bother me in the slightest in terms of depression because my memories are very slowly starting to fall together and become clear. Pilar calls me Christmas eve and we talk as she is in a similar situation. We begin to talk about Aaron and the strange things that I thought were going on at his apartment. Then Pilar breaks in and tells me that her and my stories are identical and she just never brought it up because she thought that she might have been imagining things or some how going crazy her self. About how there was lost time at Aaron's. How she remembers starring off into space and seeing me next to her as Aaron was controlling both of us. This was a great piece of reassurance and made a lot of other pieces fall into place as well as a number of other memories come back.

The most important piece to fall into place and the one which had puzzled me for the longest time was this? I knew as I was leaving Atlanta that they weren't just going to let me go. They must be watching me somehow, but I couldn't figure it out, how were they watching me? AND THEN IT CAME TO ME like a shiver going through my soul. Here I was safe in the basement of my mother's house where no one could get to me because I didn't go out at all. After talking to me I remembered that when I moved back to New Jersey from Atlanta, the first thing I did was bring back the truck. When I brought it back my mother's GERMAN friend Astrid was there to pick me up. The first thing she said to me was "HOW DO YOU FEEL?" and I said "I feel fine" then she said "AND THE CRAZIES IN YOUR HEAD?" and I said "What crazies in my head?" Then she said "That's good". Then she said "ANDY, WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE BOOK MEIN KOMPF?" "Hitler's book?" I say, I don't know I never read it! She said that's very good.

Hitler's Book "Mien Kompf" is one of the key words they use to control me. Astrid is the controller who is in turn controlling my mother to inform them of everything that I do. It all started rushing back to me. My mother complaining of her trip to Germany to visit Astrid, and how she seemed to be missing a few days and could not remember them. My grandmother (on my mothers side) freaking out saying that she had walked in and Astrid was controlling her in some way and my mothers response was "don't be ridiculous, Astrid is my best friend!" I then remembered from way back when I was a child (maybe 10 years I started freaking out calling Astrid a NAZI at one of my parents dinner parties and of course my mother apologized profusely. But I would not give up and I kept screaming "YOU MAY HAVE THEM FOOLED BUT YOU HAVEN'T FOOLED ME. YOU'RE A NAZI, YOU NAZI, YOU NAZI!" and I remember her just sitting there and smiling at me and I could tell that she was saying to her self "you are one smart little shit". She had also manipulated my father and has had a sexual relationship with him over the years (I don't know the specific details to this at all). These are all the basic control tactics that THEY use.

At this point I remember going to Astrid's once before when I regained my memory. I think it was between 1992 and 1994 but I really cannot be sure). I followed my mother over to Astrid's and watched as the main hypnotists as well as Mr. Green, and the man with the white hair being there and manipulating my mother. As I tried to get a closer look they had a man patrolling outside and I was seen and they chased me down, caught me and said the "Magic word" and my memory was erased again. The key point here is that now I know how they are watching me, and I know who my new controller is. It is my own mother as they are manipulating her to keep tabs on me. I thought back to what she knows and to what I have told her in regards to anything I am doing with my government mind control experiment memories. She knows nothing of any relevance as I have not said a word to her since the Dr. Purrizzo and Father Jack incidents as well as the arguments we had back in October as to what happened in my childhood and since she would just say "that never happened" to no matter what I said. I just completely stopped talking to her about it. I have, without even knowing it, been specifically giving her disinformation and have been misleading her for months (this is a VERY lucky break). Now that I know this, I am going to use it to my advantage. And as a matter of fact now all the comments she would make as to what I was doing, how she was very concerned as to what I am doing, everything now makes more sense. But still I can only remember a fraction of what happened and I am still trying to put it all together. But I have secluded myself from everyone and now I know what to watch out for, My mother and Astrid.

January 17th 1998

ThiopentalUsing the internet I order some books dealing with government mind control experiments and covert operations (as I still am thinking that this is a government experiment because I keep on remembering being on Navy ships for the assassinations and I keep seeing Mr. Green during the torture experiments and the conditioning. At this point I still have no recollection about the Illuminati or ANY idea about what the big picture really is). One of the books I ordered was "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control" by John Marks. In the book he discusses the MK-ULTRA programs and how LSD was discovered, then how the CIA Back in the forties began experiments to find a "truth serum" to make spy's talk. One of the first projects was with two Navy men and a man called "Weint" (my father now has the book and I am not sure of the spelling of his name), but he was the head of the Psychology department at the University of Rochester. And he conducted his Montauk Truth Serumexperiments on the students at Rochester in his secret laboratory in the attic of the library at the University of Rochester. When I read I literally fell off the couch as a flood of memories suddenly came rushing back to me. THE SMALL LAB I MENTION EARLIER IS THE SECRET LAB IN THE ATTIC OF THE LIBRARY! (and I have enclosed diagrams). I remember this because when they brought me up there the man with the white hair said to me "Rhino, what do you think of this place? This is all for you!" and I said "It's a f*cking dump" and he said "Well you have to give us some time to fix it up, it hasn't been used in forty years." Then I remember the beatings and the electric shock they did to me. I remember trying to escape and once when I got lose and had kicked the crap out of all the lab guys I tried to jump out of the only window. I opened the window and was half way out when I realized that I was at the top of the library and it was at least a hundred and fifty foot drop down to anything. At that point I knew I was screwed and I also knew where I was from the view. I specifically remember that! Then I remember going back with the FBI once to raid the lab and we broke in and was in the process of seizing everything when someone very high up in the FBI who was under the control of the Illuminati OR the NSA or which ever other government agency they used to control the situation (which I didn't put together until later), ordered the complete halt of the raid and the whole thing was covered up. And once again they erased my memory.

January 22ND 1998

I am still writing and trying to piece all this together. My mother is a woman who is a "Pack rat" if you will. She collects and saves EVERYTHING especially pertaining to her son. As I am writing down my thoughts to make sense of it all I go up stairs and go to the filling cabinet to where my mother keeps everything. My folder is gone. Everything that pertained to my past, my high school football clippings, my old report cards, the police reports of when I got in trouble when I was a kid. These were the reports I used to shove in my mothers face when we were having an argument two months before when she was insisting that I was never a bad kid. It had all mysteriously disappeared. My mother must have told Astrid when she "reports" to her weekly as to what I am doing and Astrid must have told her to get rid of the file, to get rid of anything that would "spark" any more memories. So now my house has been erased of any memories of my past. I have not said a word to my mother that I know that my folder is missing, but let me tell you I was a serious shock to me as everything becomes reality. But it only adds to the proof of my past. Still no memories of the Illuminati or any other intervention with the FBI at this point.

What scares me the most is not remembering all of these events, but forgetting them again! You see I know for certain that I have my own "QUEEN OF DIAMONDS" if you will (from the Manchurian candidate) locked in my mind somewhere. This is the programming that they use to control the Navy, the Army, The Air Force and most of the elected officials. I know this because I remember coming out of this before. I vaguely remember contacting the FBI, contacting the Rochester news paper looking for articles on the girl's death. Looking for articles about a trial during that time. I remember speaking to someone about "the black out trial." I remember driving to a house in up state New York sometime after I graduated, ringing the bell, a woman answers the door, looks at my face and instantly starts screaming as she becomes hysterical. A man then comes to the door. He sees my face, and I see the fear in his eyes as he becomes paralyzed with terror. I have a big smile on my face and I tell them how I know I'm the last person they want to see but I must speak to them and may I come in. They very cautiously let me in. I remember being in their living room and how I told them the story about what they did to me, and how I begged the girls mother to please forgive me for the things they made me do and the things they made me say. I tell them how I am going to fight them and bring the whole government down. The father speaks, and tells how there is no case without you, how they have a video tape. I ask to see it, they look at each other with very exasperated faces, and produce a video cassette from behind the book shelf. I remember, With my big smile on my face I talk about how we are going to get "those f*cking sons of bitches". "My legal team must see the tape" I say and I take it. They both get upset "that's their only evidence and the only copy." I go toward the door and walk down to the front stoop. I turn around and With my big smile I say "Don't worry I'll be back, and vengeance will be ours." Then with the biggest, happiest voice and smile I can muster, I wave bye bye! Like I had just made two new best friends.

With them still standing in the doorway, I walk across the lawn to the street. As I reach the street a car pulls up with two men inside. I walk right up to it. The man on the passenger side asks me if I got the tape. "Of course I got the tape" I reply. He says "give it to me" and I do. The man tells me that I did good, and don't forget to wave goodbye to the nice people. And the car pulls away. From behind me I hear a voice filled with immeasurable anger and pain screaming "YOU F*CKING SON OF A BITCH, YOU F*CKING BASTARD, I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!" I turn back and see a man with a baseball bat half way across the lawn on his way towards me. Words cannot describe the anguish on his face as he cannot control his tears. The moment I make eye contact with him he freezes like a statue from fear, he tries to muster the courage to continue but instead collapses with the pain now overwhelming him as he screams "NOOOOO" and begins to sob uncontrollably.

AND WHAT DO I DO! With the biggest, happiest voice and smile I can muster, I wave BYE-BYE! IT WAS NICE MEETING YOU, BYE-BYE! BYE-BYE. Just like I had just made two new best friends. I get in my car, and turn the key. All the while I can't help but feeling really good about myself, proud, noble, and majestic as I drive away.

I remember doing this because no matter how hard I fought back, no matter how strong I felt I was all they had to do was say the "Magic word" and I was back under their total control. This is my biggest fear, is being discovered of what I really remember before I can find the right people who can help me in removing their "programming" and their "Magic word" so I can fight back and not lose my memory again.

February 2nd 1998

Through the internet I have found contacts who have had similar experiences as mine. I have found some one who can help me as he is a specialist in these "deprogramming" and mind control cases. I have gone to see him AND HE HAS BEGAN TO DEPROGRAMMED ME. He specifically knows their tactics as he was once involved with them. Again not by choice.

As part of the "deprogramming", once you have been deprogrammed you have to have to wait 21 days as you memories must come back gradually as not to shock you all at once. Over the 21 days my memory is slowly coming back but is still in bits and pieces. But I (theoretically) now have control of my self and they can no longer control me. This has all been accomplished without any knowledge to my mother.

March 1st 1998

Montauk ClonesI have completed the 21 days and have put together some more of the pieces. But I Feel it is only a fraction. THE MOST IMPORTANT AND UTMOST CRITICAL FACT THAT I HAVE REMEMBERED IS THAT I HAVE A SON! He is about 7 or 8 years old, and his mother is the woman that I am meant to marry. I remember Aaron telling me about him at his apartment (against all wishes of the Illuminati) but he did it for his mother as she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen in your life or your imagination. My son's IQ Aaron tells me is 150, (not unsimilar to my own) and they have 'big' plans for him.

To make things easier and as not to try and put all the events back in the places where they belong in the time line (as the story becomes very complicated if you try and write two parallel time lines and two alternate sets of reality at once).

I now remember that I have many many sons as I was used in breeding experiments as well. Here is a summary of what I believe happened and of the events as I can remember what happened at this time.

As my memory comes back I discover that I was not only used as an assassin but that I actually was one of the "Montauk boys" as well. This is in regards to the Montauk project as described by Preston Nichols in his book "The Montauk Project". ALL the events he describes in his book are 100% true. However the fact that the project was supposedly abandoned at camp Hero in the year 1983 could not be farther from the truth. As I was also there sometime between the years 1988 and 1993? And the project is still going strong. As far as I can put together at this point. {{some sources indicate that after the rebellion in the ranks and sabotage of the project in 1983, the project was re-initiated a couple years later. this is similar to the claims of the ' dulce wars' in the new Mexico dulce base, leading to a severance of 'joint-interaction' between the u.s. government-illuminati and reptilian-grey controllers of the lower base, however after two years the collaboration was re-instated - branton}}

I was selected at the age of 2 when my father was in the Navy. In addition to this I have some very strange memories of when my family went to the October fest in Germany when we were there. Some strange events where they took my father and did something to him in the bathroom. Something where they humiliated him in some way and I remember watching and after when we left he was so ashamed about what they did to him that he made me promise not to tell anyone about what happened.

Anyway they watched me develop all through my childhood and then when I went to college they brainwashed my father into getting me to turn down a full ride to Penn State to play football, [but rather] to go to the University of Rochester.

When at Rochester they began their programming of me to become a "Manchurian Candidate" for them, the perfect assassin. My roommate was a controller, my room had a video camera, the shower had a camera in it. Every moment of every day they were watching me. Then at night they would take me to one of two labs and do the programming with electric shock, drugs, and torture. One of the labs is located in the attic of the library at the University of Rochester. The other was the much bigger one that they gained after I gave a demonstration as to what I could do to some Senator, and it became a full blown project.

I already had training in mind control from the "Silva Mind Control Method" I took when I was 10 years old and had incredible mental abilities from the get go. So when at Rochester they then just took the "special room" I already had in my mind and then manipulated me accordingly.

The organization is NAZI BASED and has it's roots intertwined with them. The funding for this project is exactly as Nichols states in his theory. That the funding from the Montauk project came from a 10 billion dollar Nazi gold train which was seized by the allies in 1944 and was suddenly "lost" by blowing up in a tunnel and sealing it away as the allies were driving the Germans back at the end of world war II. This was investigated by General George Patton as he could not understand how a train could "disappear" in allied territory and how all the GIs could have been killed. The gold showed up 30 years later at Montauk (now being worth 180 billion) and was brought over by the Krupp family (who own the ITT corporation), and that's where the Nazi's got the money.

Anyway, I somehow have the special ability to where somehow when a suggestion is given to my sub conscious ANYTHING that is suggested I can somehow do in reality. I was the untouchable superstar of the MKULTRA program. Some of the things they would do would be things like, they told my subconscious mind that ANY height I jumped off of, NO MATTER HOW HIGH, was as easy as jumping off of a footstool in my mind, and I could do it. How high? Eventually they threw me out of airplanes without a parachute (because once you reach terminal velocity whether it's is jumping from 200 feet and surviving or jumping from 20,000 feet you are not going any faster so it doesn't matter what the height is as long as you can "stick the landing").

Imagine an assassin or covert group that could jump out of a low flying plane and hit the ground running. The mission would be over before the target even knew what happened. And this is exactly what I did. Between 1988 and 1992 there were several assassinations around the world that were so profound and so unbelievable that the cases are still unsolved. The assassin would shoot all the targets as well as all of the guards surrounding these prominent people with one shot to the head, so at the scene there would be all these bodies all with one bullet hole in their heads. Then the assassin would do things like go in, shoot everyone once in the head with a pistol then jump off a twenty story building with no parachute hit the cement and get up and run away. I am that assassin, and the FBI is looking for me (I will get into that more later).

So I was trained at the Rochester facility. The thing is that when they were creating me, as part of my development they gave me a ìa top secret government healing "formula" to heal my self if I became injured (when I was under hypnosis they gave the suggestion to my sub conscious) to add to the "healing pool" I had in "my room" which I already had in my mind from the Silva mind control course. It worked so well that I could heal my self from ANY injury with my mind in a matter of moments simply by laying in the water and telling my self to "heal". This worked so well that, without their knowledge, I decided to increase the strength of the formula another 500 million times. I did this simply by when I was going to sleep I would go to my "level" and fool around in the lab they had set up in my own mind with out their knowledge. As a result of me "fooling around" in the lab in my mind I made another {{ectoplasmic? - branton}} machine (in my mind) that could create anything I asked it to.

So I told the machine to make another "Super top secret government formula". One that would make my mind and body indestructible and impervious to any poison, any poison gas, and that now my skin, eyes, and every cell membrane in my body would have the strength of 1,000,000 times the strength of kevliar. Having done this I made my self indestructible in the sub conscious of my mind and it really worked in reality. So when I jump off a 15 story building and if I splattered my self on the sidewalk I literally would just stand up and brush my self off and walk away, exactly and as easily as if I had just fallen off a footstool with no pain or broken bones, not even a scratch. Some of the other things they did to me was the total and utter removal of having any fear. The ability to turn on and off your adrenaline gland at will. To be able to run as fast as a cheetah, to have the reflexes and agility of a cat, and to be able to climb any structure like I was a monkey. To be as physically strong as you need to be. To be able to shoot a target EXACTLY in the center every time with out thinking about it (like in the middle of someone's forehead for example). These are some of the unbelievable Physical abilities I have.

The mental abilities I have are another story. I can move objects with my mind, I can pick up and hurl objects as large as a small car into walls, and I can crush a man's throat with a single thought. Simply by telling my mind to do it (such as sticking pencils into cement walls with only a thought). Which is something I think I did in one of the FBI offices (I still don't know which office it was, when it was or how I even got there). I CAN MANIPULATE MATTER ON AN ATOMIC LEVEL WITH MY MIND.

The thing is I wanted no part of the program from the beginning and every chance I got I fought back with all I had. As a result of this it became harder and harder for them to control me. THEY NEVER BROKE THE ESSANCE OF ME SO THEY HAD TO BUILD OVER ME. In other words they could never destroy what makes up me and my beliefs totally, so they had to bury me and lock me away somewhere in my mind and then create and alternate personality. I have no fear of them so the only way they could control me was with mind control. I have the strength to 10 men and can jump off of a 20 story building, hit the ground and get up running but when they say the "magic word" or would ring the "magic bell" it would stop me dead in my tracks and I become utterly powerless, to move, to fight back, even to speak unless spoken to. Anything they told me to do I would do it without hesitation or question. But from some where inside me my true self, because my will is so strong, would fight through what ever they were doing to me and I would punch holes through the alternate reality platform they had built in my mind and I would freak out and start fighting them. I must have killed at least 15 of their men who would try and stop me once I started. When I would freak out no matter where I was, I was getting the hell out of where I was and if you tried to stop me it was not a good idea to get in the way.

I always would end up running back to my dorm room (where my roommate was one of the controllers) running back to home where I felt "safe" and I would simply go to sleep or even stay up a while and watch television but the memories of what just happened seemed to disappear as soon as I got "home", it was like my subconscious would over rule my conscious mind and trick me into believing that this "horror" wasn't really happening (I guess it was a kind of denial if you will, whether it was a programmed response or not I don't know). I remember when they would have me under their control the best way to describe it would be like being locked in a room with no doors and no way out and all there is are these two huge windows in which you can see everything. Like riding in a giant robot and seeing out the eyes. You can walk around the little room but there is nothing but bare smooth walls and all you can do is watch. You can scream, kick, and beat the walls as hard as you want. But all you can do is ride in the body and watch what happens. But again somehow I would manage to escape from the little room and that is when I would "freak out" as I would regain control of my body.

One time they had me at a base somewhere, I believe in Virginia, and after I escaped the facility somehow I was back in my room in Rochester New York 20 minutes later. Later, they came and got me and brought me back to the lab. They had me securely chained to a chair (literally) and they had said the "magic word" and I was in some sort of trance or altered state. I also may have been drugged but I don't think so because the thing is the drugs they were giving to me I eventually built up a defense to. They would no longer have any affect on me as the machine I had built in my mind to counter any and all invasions of my body simply told my subconscious that these drugs would no longer have any affect on me. Subsequently they would give me enough of what ever it was they were giving me (it would be enough to knock out three elephants) but it would have no effect on me and that's why they eventually had to resort to literally chaining every inch of my body to a solid steel chair so I could not escape again. They asked me how I did it, how I ended up in my room and I remember telling them with a big smile on my face as I was proud of what I did, "time travel".

I have no idea how I did it but some how I opened a portal using only my mind, entered this black hole, walked around for a while (I seemed somehow to know exactly where I was going) and then exited through another one and I was standing in front of my dorm room. I remember punching a hole in the fabric of time and then punching another one to get back. They repeatedly asked me how I did it and I would not tell them. I remember telling them that it was much too dangerous because I had already made two holes in the fabric of time and if the holes some how began to tear, and if the fabric of time actually "tore off" and ripped in half completely, life as we know it would be over as reality would go spinning off into infinity. So no matter what, I was not going to tell them (I had absolutely no knowledge of what previously happened and what they were doing at Montauk, camp Hero, at all). But the fabric of time I remember being - and this is very difficult to explain - being the most fragile and intricate thing I have ever felt. It was like a burlap type of weave made out of material as fine as spider silk. You could rip a hole through with your hand just by touching it, but as soon as you did it you knew that there was absolutely no hope of repairing it because the material was so fine and the weave so intricate it seemed to disintegrate as soon as you touched it.

Anyway I fought them every step of the way and they were going to use me to kill every one of their enemies until they ruled the world. But what I did way back in the beginning when they were prepping me and conditioning me for the assassinations, they tried to tell me that this was all for my country, and that it was for the good of man kind. But I insisted on knowing how many missions I had to go on until I could "retire", until I could "quit" and they would let me go and leave me alone. At the time they told me 10 just to shut me up and since at the time they still didn't really know what I could do and since this was the first mission they really didn't think that I would survive 10 missions. But after I ran the 10 missions I said "that's it" "no more, I AM THROUGH, FINISHED, RETIRED" at which time they tried to change it to 25 on me but there was nothing that they could say or nothing they could do to get me to do anymore (let me tell you that this pissed the Illuminati and all of the military and basically all of the "heavy hitters" off something fierce.. They wanted to reactivate me to kill Saddam, and after that they wanted me to kill President Bush. For months they tried every type of brainwashing, threat, torture, and intimidation tactics they could think of to try and get me to kill President Bush. But I simply would not do it, and you can only imagine the things they did to me, the horror makes me wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweats. I can only remember it for a second and then my subconscious hides it from me gain.

As far as I can put together what happened was this, and keep in mind that I am still trying to peace together my all of my memory. When I began doing research about the Montauk project a flood of memories started coming back. Back when I was in college (1988-92), they took me to Montauk and put me in the "Montauk chair". The first time I tried to use it I somehow blew it up. My mental energy was so powerful that I blew up the generator or the circuits or something. What ever I did it was supposedly impossible, but it happened. So they repaired it, I think they only had one other generator and they had to put some kind of buffer circuit in it as well, and I think my "Montauk hair" episodes were on two different days (in terms of an actual time span I have no idea) but I remember having on different clothes (specifically wearing slacks one day and jeans the next as I was more casual on the second day because they took me just as I was getting out of one of my classes and I hadn't "dressed up" because they didn't tell me to on the second visit). But anyway, they tied me up with chains so if I freaked out I wouldn't wreck the place and I was sitting in the chair. The machine was on and they were adjusting the power to fit my mental output if you will. Some one then came up to me and said "what ever you do don't think of a monster" and since the machine was already on of course a second later a huge monster appeared. Everyone started freaking out and running around and I was still tied to the chair. The monster had to be 12 or 13 feet tall, it was covered with brown fur, had one eye and one horn. It looked like a cross between King Kong and the monster from one of the Conan movies. The monster had been created using the Montauk chair from out of my imagination from somewhere in my subconscious using the Montauk chair to amplify my thoughts creating an actual physical being. The only good news was that the creature was either incredibly stupid or was just very confused as to it's sudden new surroundings because it just stood there for at least a minute giving them time to untie me. They were all yelling at me to do something (since I was the only one who could have stopped it, if you will, of the group) but I was tied up, so they finally cut me loose and I killed it by jumping on it's back from the upper level of the stair, and strangling it to death using a chain and a steel rod like a truncate around it's neck. But not before it wrecked half of the lab. Most of the chair antenna apparatus got wrecked and the right side of the time machine antenna got wrecked and a box of these million dollar light bulbs got smashed. But they all seemed happy because the controls for the time machine were undamaged and they all kept saying that it wasn't nearly as bad as the last time????? I didn't understand?????

Some time later (I don't know how long it was) they bring me back in again and sit me down in the chair (as now everything is fixed). This time they tell me they want me to think of only pallets of gold bars. They were out of money and wanted me to create billions of dollars using the "Montauk chair" since my mental energy was strong enough to create physical objects which were indeed real and stayed real in this physical universe. I did it once and a pallet of gold appeared, they were all excited and they went off to test it to see if it really was gold. Not knowing what I was doing as I was functioning in the alternate reality they had created (the reality in which they could control me and supposedly they were my best friends). I, like an idiot, said "Why gold? Gold is a pain in the ass, because of it's weight and volume, if you need money why not make some thing else?" Then I said "step back" and with in an instant a huge chest appeared and I said "open it". I had created for them a huge chest of perfectly cut, flawless, white diamonds the size ranging from grapefruits to golf balls. One was even as big as a volley ball. This is what they are using as financing today. This is where they are getting the money to build the new facility under the new Denver airport, and where they got the money to build their brand new "state of the art" new head quarters facility in Atlanta. The chest of diamonds is priceless and I mean priceless, worth literally trillions, an unlimited source of funding. And it's all my fault. They have named the biggest diamond after me (the one the size of the volley ball) they call it "The Rhino diamond" and the second largest one is called the star of David (named after my son in my honor). After all of this I was chosen to be their "golden boy". I was personally chosen to interact DIRECTLY with the Illuminati.

IlluminatiThe Illuminati is made up of a group of about twenty men. All are 6'-2" or over, white and are of an indeterminate older age (I would say above the age of 70 but I suspect that with the technology they have available to them they in reality are much much older). They convene in a board room with a huge wooden table which is in the shape of a football. Each chair has a control panel and a television screen comes out from inside the table for each of the chairs. There is a huge screen located in the front of the room as well. During one of the meetings about 1/3 of the men reached over to their belts and turned a knob on a small white box they had on their belt and their human image dissolved to reveal they were not human at all but these huge lizard type creatures (the reptilians).

After I finished college at the age of 22 or 23 I specifically and repeatedly told them that I wanted no part of any of this but they were not going to let me go. They all liked me very much and always wanted me to join them (the Illuminati) for drinks and "hang out" with them in their private recreation room and be one of them. Play billiards and cards with them (things like that). So they brainwashed me again (reinforced the alternate reality program they had been using all along) and made me the inspector to all of the facilities around the countries. They erased the memory of my son and his mother from me at the time. They have plans for him as his IQ - so I have heard from Aaron - is 150. But anyway, the inspector was a highly important and influential position to hold, again I was 22 years old and was their "golden boy". They gave me a rank of 42nd level in the masons secret society...

{{note: I have heard from a friend of mine that, according to certain sources, George bush also held the 42nd degree... even though 'officially' there are only 33 degrees. it is very probable that bush has risen in the ranks since them. the 33 and above degrees are not public knowledge since this is where they begin dealing with the interplanetary secret societies, with alternative 2 underground and alternative 3 space scenarios involving both humans and aliens. the plan is to allow world war iii to break out between right-wing and left-wing political factions - that were actually financed by the illuminati in Machiavellian fashion - and when the world is depopulated the cult of the serpent - human and alien illuminists - plan to annex this planet to the main reptilian empire in alpha draconis, and turn those humans who remain on earth into electronically controlled subjects. the dracos are, according to contactees, involved in an ancient war with human-like beings in the lyra sector. both the humans and reptilians reportedly once lived on earth in prehistoric times and left the planet as a result of ancient earth changes/wars to found their respective confederations, and both desire to use earth and its unique chemical, mineral and genetic resources along with its human population, with its inbred warrior instincts, as weapons to destroy the power-base of the other side - branton}}

To start (I started at the bottom of the top), accompanied with this title came a ring (like my college ring) with the numbers "42nd" embroidered on the jewel of the ring in red.

I inspected several facilities including the one in Paramus NJ, the Montauk facility, the facility in Rochester, the facility in Miami where the Grays are located and are doing their breeding experiments to form a slave labor race (this is a joint treaty with the US government's Department of the Navy) {{or the d.o.n., which serves as the major c.i.a./n.s.a. "mole" within naval intelligence - branton}}.

Gray Species without Dark LensesThe government is providing human women subjects for the Grays to do breeding experiments with, in exchange for alien technologies (what we now call the stealth fighter and bomber radar invisibility technology) and a non aggression pact against the rest of man kind. I personally have seen this first hand and I remember the women and children as I walked by them SCREAMING and PLEADING hysterically for me to help them. This memory is one of the most disturbing and most frightening that I have recalled. The feeling I get now is the same one I got then, one of utter sickness as the thought of our government is giving aliens women and children for torture and breading experiments. EVERY WORD of this is unfortunately all TRUE.

When I was in Miami I was placed down in front of the leadership council of the Grays. I didn't know what the Illuminati wanted me to do, they never gave me any specific instructions or too much detail as to the intricate workings of things because they were afraid that I would freak out again. At the meeting one of Grays was trying to gain access to my mind in order to control me. He kept trying to implant the suggestion "You will obey me, You will obey me". I warned him to stop three times. He had no way of knowing my abilities and after warning him the third time I crushed his throat with my mind and then hurled him against the wall with such force that his head splattered open like a ripe melon.

This was all only using the power of my mind. This caused a severe political confrontation as I didn't know who he was. I didn't even know really why I was there. The Illuminati had sent me there to impress the Grays and I ended up killing one of their leaders.

{{atta-boy Andy! time to stop all this groveling and kick some alien butt! reminds me of a legend I heard of St. George the dragon-slayer. I don't know if there's any truth to it but the symbolic truth it important. the story is of a kingdom in the mideast or Africa that was plagued by a dragon. the king would try to appease the beast with livestock tied up outside the city, but one day all of the livestock was gone... they merely ended up feeding the beast's appetite. so they took lots to sacrifice a virgin outside the gates, and this went on for sometime until the kings own daughter was chosen. the king reluctantly let her be tied to the post outside the city walls, after which the dragon approached. just then from out on the horizon a knight in shining armor, with a lance in hand, riding a white horse, and wielding a shield emblazoned with a red Christian cross on a white background, approached and with remarkable speed sent the beast to dragon heaven, or dragon hell whichever the case may be. St. George according to the legend ended up marrying the princes. the moral of the story is this... appeasement is the inevitable road to defeat. consider British prime minister Neville Chamberlain who essentially turned over Czechoslovakia to Adolph Hitler in an effort to appease him, but this only fed the furor's ego, his disdain for the allies, and his twisted confidence, and he continued his military campaign which eventually led to the deaths of over 50 million people. star trek's "Scotty" once said it best: "sometimes the best negotiator is a fully loaded phaser bank!!!" - branton).

New World OrderI almost started a war between the Grays, the Reptilians, and the rest of mankind. That was my first impression, what happened in reality was I believe that the Illuminati sent me to the grays to see if their mind control technology would work on me. One of the major objections I had with the whole situation was the way in which the Illuminati was approaching forming the "New World Order". I personally told the Illuminati off, and that they were wrong and that if they attempt to control the minds of human beings we will lose the essence of who we are and what makes us so special. That if they tried to control the minds of human beings they would create a police state such as the one in the former Soviet Union and the world would end up with the same result, disaster. I told them that I am in agreement that the future of the Earth and the future of humanity definitely needs and is heading toward a single world government...

{{I would have to disagree here, I would suggest more of a union of sovereign republics... putting all of your eggs in one basket is dangerous, for instance if an alien empire were to try to take over this planet it would be easier just to "steal the basket" than to go on an "Easter egg hunt" and try to gather all of the eggs one by one... I would agree with interaction between countries on an intelligence and military level in order to protect the mutual boundaries, but on an economic and political level it is best for each sovereignty to be totally independent from he rest, and thus not repeat the disaster of economic dependence that has resulted in the loss of sovereignty of most republics, i.e. dependence on the international bankers who have loaned wealth to all nations, only to be squandered by irresponsible leaders, bringing those sovereignties under the control of the bankers because of the debts that may never be repaid since these countries can barely pay even the interest on the loans, and especially with the collapsing economies we will see the illuminati's international banking systems demand even more 'collateral' from these defaulted countries, destroying even more of their sovereignty. a good idea might be for each country to import no more than 1/3rd of their national produce to ensure that they are moving in the direction of self-sufficiency. stacking all of your dominos together is not a wise idea, as we can see now with the collapse of the interconnected and co-dependent world stock markets which are essentially dragging each other down - branton}}

...but the methods of how they are trying to achieve it can only lead to disaster. That it is the society in which we live in that must be changed not the human beings which live in it. How we live in a world where society has become so complex that the fundamentals of right and wrong has become defined by how much money you have. PEOPLE NEED TO BE LED, NOT BE CONTROLLED. Lead by example. We don't have any leaders in the world today, we have politicians, and there is a big difference. We are like a piece of clay with the same unlimited potential, it can be molded and shaped into anything that can be imagined, however the harder you try and squeeze it the more slips through your fingers. My speech utterly shocked the Illuminati because for god sake you don't talk to them like that but I let them have it. It did however divided the Illuminati, some were on my side and some were on the side of total mind control. The Reptilians were also greatly offended as in my speech I declared that in who's best interest is "total mind control" really in. Humanity, or the alien species that were trying to overtake us. They must take the earth intact and without a war for they want the planet for their own usages. Also, why do you think they know they must control us NOW, before we develop any further. We only use 6-8% of our brains, what's going to happen when we use all of it! AND do you really think that if there were 5 billion human beings on the planet that could do what I can do they would be making treaties with the government in exchange for women and children subjects to conduct horrific human breeding experiments? Of course not, if we were advanced enough we would tell them to go "F*ck them selves". But President Eisenhower knew this back in the forties so that's why he agreed to the terms, to buy time. But now the department of the Navy has become so engrossed with the possibilities of the technologies that they are only getting a glimpse into, that they have lost sight of the fact that we have made an alliance of horror. I mean I really let them have it!

At this point I told them again that I wanted no part of any of this and I just wanted to live my life. The nerve of them, after they tortured me for years and then turn around and try and tell me that they are my friends and that I am now one of them, I told them to go f*ck them selves right to their faces. They however had created their own worst enemy, a man without any fear who stands against them, and a man who cannot be killed, but who can destroy them. So they did the only thing they could, they erased my memory, and are keeping a very close eye one me, and every time I would start to regain my memory they would be right there to make sure they could put out the fire before it got out of control. I'm like the black sheep of their family, they want me so badly to embrace them but all I want to do is see them destroyed. And the only card they can hold over me is my son and his mother!

After I graduated I lived in the New York area for about a year, and then moved south to Atlanta. I recently have gained knowledge that they have moved their new headquarters to a new underground facility in Atlanta. I had no knowledge of the fact that they had moved to Atlanta but when I found that out that a whole flood of memories came back. And Yes the reason they moved to Atlanta was probably specifically to watch ME! I had no memory of any of this until another single event sparked a memory which punched another hole in their "dike" and my memory has been coming back ever since. Very slowly.

As far as I can put together what happened was this, some time between 1992 and 1996 I regained a portion of my memory and went to the FBI. I had no memories of Montauk or the Illuminati, only of the torture at Rochester and the assassinations they made me do. I told them about the experiments going on at the University of Rochester and how I have telekinetic abilities. They didn't believe me so to prove it I stuck two pencils at a range of about 15 feet into a reinforced concrete wall using only the power of my mind. The thing is I also told them about how the Rochester facility was using stage Hypnotists to brainwash the Montauk Brainwashpublic. As well as this how they were also brainwashing the Army. When the new soldiers were coming out of boot camp they would be treated to a stage hypnotist show. These guys were so good that they could then turn around and hypnotize the whole audience and THEY WOULD START PRAISING ADOLF HITLER AND THE NAZI PARTY. The FBI didn't believe me so I asked them to set a remote camera at one of the shows. And they did it and sure enough the plot was exposed. I'M THE GUY WHO TIPPED OFF THE FBI TO WHAT THEY WERE DOING AND THEN WENT ON THE RAID ON THE ROCHESTER FACILITY. The thing is during the raid they already had so many of the FBI and the Army personnel under their control that when we went to the facility and broke in we almost had them but then they said the magic word and the troops and the FBI agents turned against me, and were under their control. They don't fight with guns, they fight with words {{psionic warfare - branton}}. It was like a living night mare. The raid was covered up and they made the whole situation "go Away".

Again the raid was covered up because they already had high government officials as well as the top officials in the FBI under their control and they did their best with damage control. However the damage was already done and sometime after that the government passed a law making it illegal to perform stage hypnotism in the United States. I think? But as a result of this they erased my memory again and covered up my identity and made me disappear. They tried several times to kill me but they simply cannot. So now half of the FBI is looking for me and the other half is covering up my identity from the first half as they are the agents of the "New World Order" and the Illuminati and are keeping me from becoming known. But the FBI is still looking for the man who stuck the two pencils in the wall at the FBI Office. Which is me. I don't remember which office it was or the exact date, but I know that they are looking for me. While living in Atlanta my controller was my best friend. This guy came up to me at the pool of my apartment complex and we became best friends. He was from, confidently enough, Rochester, NY and was in Atlanta to get his masters in Physiology at the university of Georgia. I had no clue what was going on and he would brag openly about how he could hypnotize people without them even knowing it.

I would go over to his apartment and hang out. This is where they continually kept up with my programming and making sure that I would not regain my memory and get out of control. There was a lot of missing time and frequently he would get up and lock the door for no reason at all. I didn't put it all together until later, but I remember telling him several times "Dude, I think I was the victim of government mind control experiments when I was a Rochester" remembering only a minute fraction of anything. And he was right there to cover it all up again. I remember doing this several times (coming out of it maybe 15 to 20 times) until finally I figured out that he was part of it and I just kept my mouth shut.

But the whole thing seemed so bizarre that it didn't make any sense. He spent years trying to permanently blank my memory but because of the safety systems I had installed in my mind when they first started programming me and creating their "Manchurian Candidate" I specifically designed my own system so that the system would automatically "reboot" no matter what, and there was no way to destroy it (it is quite clever I must admit). This pissed them off something fierce since they have no way of destroying me, they can only try and control me. During one of the sessions he slipped and told me "Do you have any idea how much damage you have done to the organization?" and I said "good you f*cking assholes", but then he said that they were now using the FBI physiologists to gain the control of all the FBI agents when they came in for their mandatory physic evaluations. Think about it? Who watches the FBI physiologists? When I heard this I was still in their altered state of reality and I would go on my daily life everyday with no memories of what was happening at his apartment. Somehow I found my self in the FBI office in Atlanta, and I was there to tell them the story about what was happening to the FBI during the physic evaluations. "Watch the physiologists" I said and the director of the FBI office knew exactly who I was, and he kept on asking me "Who are You" "Who are You" (He knew I was the guy who stuck the pencils in the wall from before, and told of the stage hypnotists) and he kept on saying "Do you have Any idea how many people are looking for you?" and I kept telling them that I came in as soon as I regained my memory. He said "how convent, they keep erasing your memory". He didn't believe me when I told him that I have no memory about anything he is talking about. A specialty team of FBI agents were on the way from Washington the moment that it was discovered that I was in Atlanta. But somehow I gave him the information and then I disappeared and I was back in my apartment. I don't know how I did it but that's what happened.

As it turns out the whole thing was true and nearly the entire FBI was under the control of the Illuminati, and when they would say the "magic word" they would all turn and say "HEIL HITLER". After a few months the FBI got control of the situation (supposedly) and arrested all of the physiologists involved, deprogrammed all of the agents, all of the military generals, as well as most of the members of the Senate I would assume and Congress, as well as President Clinton.

My controller (Aaron) when the whole plot was exposed said that he had to do some very fast talking to save his life and said to me "do you have any idea how much damage you've done, you've reduced the organization down to me being the new head mind controller because they arrested everyone". Several members of the Illuminati wanted to kill my son and his mother in retribution for what I had done, but [did not] since I had no memories of them (and they thoroughly detest me).

As part of their control over me they have separated me from my powers somehow. I cannot move anymore objects but it is very very slowly coming back to me. However I do remember jumping off a 5 story parking garage in Buckhead (the affluent singles bar area in Atlanta) when the FBI was chasing me (I didn't know who they were) and I just did it with out thinking, and simply ran away. My programmer (now also Aaron) simply erased my memory of the whole event. I didn't know that they were FBI agents at the time, all I knew was that they were "men" after me. Going way back to the initial programming all I would do in situations I simply "run", get away. I think I also walked into another FBI office at point in some time and I was half way inside the door when I suddenly got this uneasy feeling as I looked at the FBI agent behind me, he was a tall black man and when he began sweating bullets my instinct just took over and I ran away. How, when and where that happened is still a mystery to me.

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