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The Science of Extraterrestrials

Part 4

After the phenomena of perception, let us address the technology properly speaking. The sustenance of the naves seems prodigious. But ETs do nothing but respect the laws of nature. The force of gravitation, like every force needing a point of application (contrary to those of quantum mechanics), is expressed as F = ma: mass times acceleration. The latter is distance per unit of time squared. Thus the more time increases, the more force diminishes! The antigravity of the ETs is degravitation in reality. The entire difficulty is in knowing how to produce more time locally. The solution is found in technology.

Time Squared



The potential gravitation (arrow) is annulled (directionless tube above). The degravitation grows with time squared.





An ET vessel consists of a double rotor with inverted rotation, a superconductor network, a central oscillator, and a peripheral torus. There is not room here to record the detailed description of these that the work provides.


ET Technologies



Four technologies:
double rotor, superconductors, oscillator, and torus.





ET ships are capable of materialization and dematerialization, in motion or in place. Their behavior is due to variations in the intensity of the temporal field. It is crucial to understand that such a “spacecraft” does not have ANY PROPULSION in the classic sense of the term. The conjugate operation of the direction adopted and of this variation is what provokes and permits motion and navigation. Once the orientation is stabilized and the initial impulsion of motion is made, the increase in the intensity of the temporal field reduces the size of the universe in which an ET travels. It is in fact the destination that approaches the ship!
Space is, then, neither isotropic nor homogeneous. It is a matter of pure and simple mastery of space and time. What is important is to grasp the mechanism of change in direction. It is assured by the two rotors with inverted rotation. The plane of an UFO is dictated by a temporary differential of speed of rotation of the rotors taken separately. This being out of phase explains the dead-leaf behavior described by witnesses. Well-known gyroscopic effects then produce changes in course in the three dimensions of space. No aerodynamic consideration is useful for piloting an ET ship, not even MHD (MagnetoHydroDynamics). Let us simply recall that lightning-fast accelerations are illusions due to the change in density of time of the ship.

UFO Acceleration



The materialization and acceleration of UFOs are nothing but a simple problem of variation in the intensity of temporal density. The acceleration seems all the greater as the nave shrinks.



No aerodynamic consideration is useful for piloting an ET ship, not even MHD.

Inverted UFO



The variation in the plane of an UFO is due to a rotating differential between the two rotors with inverted rotation.




Let us speak of the real crop circles, those circles in wheat that appear before the harvest. They are well and truly a product of the creativity of ETs.

These agroglyphs are generated in conditions that are perfectly identifiable with a single unique principle. A ship of the size of a fat firefly (sometimes invisible), its size adapted to rapid execution of the work, creates a zone of cold above the field of wheat. This done, a light condensation appears permitting the cereals to absorb this humidity in conjunction with a "natural" emission of microwaves (the universal electromagnetic spectrum being the domain of flight of ETs). This situation softens and ionizes the wheat, which is contracted in the temporal field of the ship as the latter passes above ("the more time there is, the less space there is"). The first knot is then mechanically stretched and cooked.

Crop Circle Stalk


Here, the different phases of a stalk. The representative witness (to the left) sees its size reduced by the temporal field (the second and following stalks toward the left--it is a matter of the same stalk seen in stages).



The UFO describes a trajectory conforming to the shape to be produced. It sucks the soft, ionized stalks into its magnetic field. Once the degravitational influence has passed, they need do nothing but lie down. Certain stalks will become entangled in the zones of intersection of the influence of the ship. In fact, the stalks already on the ground will rise again, orienting themselves sideways at the time of the next passage of the ship-firefly and mixing with the neighboring stalks.

Crop Ions



The ions (central stalk in the cut) rise again toward the top, inducing a mechanical falling effect. The ionization of the wheat is weak, but the magnetic field of the artist is considerable.



These explanations, very fragmentary here in relation to the work, in the eyes of many constitute a spectacular advance in the understanding of the UFO phenomenon, and even beyond.

Will the war of the worlds happen? Might this be simply the expression of our fear of the unknown, of our incomprehension of the innermost laws of the universe? In times past, lightning in a thunderstorm represented the anger of the gods. Today, Ufological manifestations produce in us reactions of survival and, beyond that, aggressiveness. Hence our immunological rejection, and hence this mass exorcism in darkened rooms.

Who are the real invaders ? The Science of the Extraterrestrials proves how and why humans are the space (time) invaders through the use of nuclear weapons! When the core of an atom is broken, it expands time quanta which normally remain below the scale of the quarks. At this scale, which is the one of the quantum vacuum, live many ETs, especially when they use their ships. It’s not a matter of nuclear warhead range, it’s a matter of real space-time nature, well beyond the old and wrong knowledge of Einstein.

The collapse of billions of billions of atoms is like an Earthquake in their time density. It means that we represent a real threat for ETs, not only for their navigation system, but for their life too. This is why UFOs sightings have been multiplied since the end of the World War II. Many ET races were therefore warned, even if they came from deep space. All our nuclear weapon tests, all our quantum physics experiments could be interpreted as being aggressive, or at least unconscious from the ET point of view. Many nuclear facilities have been visited and even neutralized by ETs. This is a clear sign of their fear. The biggest error is to believe that they could easily neutralize all the nuclear warheads at will. It is simply irresponsible to keep such a belief. No one staying within this old mental structure would become a real exopolitics analyst, neither would be responsibly in touch with aliens. To speak about peace with extraterrestrials one needs to know first in what it consists of.
In fact, an important question raises. Why so many nuclear weapons have been manufactured in the past? We assume that part of the almost 16,000 nuclear bombs is not dedicated to humanity since we are able to destroy Earth many times with such an arsenal. Let us remember that only two bombs stopped the World War II. One should see the abductions phenomena according to this human threat, particularly in the USA, first country to test and launch nuclear bombs. Let us note that the Roswell crash occurred close to the first historical nuclear testing place on Earth.

The nuclear question is more than a matter of humanity survival but a true paradigm for the ET presence. From the galactic point of view, in a new potential global war context, exopolitical implications will become the main issue within the next few years. Instead of having bigger UFO sightings catalogue, we’d rather usefully think about our universal maturity. Apocalypse could mean “end of times” or “disclosure”. What will be the UFO community reaction once facing this tremendous input giving us only few time to spread it? Deny, discuss or act through activism?

The radiant truth can frighten only those who do not cease to justify their beliefs. It can not frighten a free, responsible, and enterprising democracy. The Science of Extraterrestrials should slake our thirst to evolve toward the level of those that we fear through ignorance. If knowledge protects, it is because it liberates, including from gossip.

Progress will recognize its own because some already write the History. It is a question of time ...


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