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The Science of Extraterrestrials


Science of Extraterrestrials

Envisaging the existence of extraterrestrials in our environment is described as imaginary and impracticable. Two limits have been maintained to convince us of it. The first is that of the dream whose portrayal the film industry has as a goal. Thus, we unconsciously associate a fiction with the total absence of reality. If it is part of cinema, it does not exist. Thus the screen indeed acts as a screen. The second is that of the speed of the light. Nothing can go faster than light. Thus it would be impossible to come from a star to visit Earth. End of demonstration. It is time to move on.

Yet, admitting to the existence of extraterrestrial intelligences would not pose problems for the scientific community! In fact, every astronomer knows perfectly well that interstellar gases harbor molecules forming the materials of life. In the abundance of galaxies, among the myriad stars, life itself thus is inevitably developed. Closer to us, Mars was an immense reservoir of water, seat of probable life. The holders of the Darwinian thesis of evolution, a conservative theory as controversial to say the least for its missing links as, conversely, for its total absence of mutations, even are the first to admit that evolution leads sooner or later to intelligence by adaptation to the environment. This does not fail to make Ufologists smile. In fact, what comes after (read “beyond”) the stage of human intelligence? Don’t ask some of the skeptics, they often have a problem of ego and believe they know everything about universe from their seat. How will humanity need to adapt in the centuries ahead? Are ETs, like us, limited by the speed of light?

The Science of the Extraterrestrials, available only at (world release 10-10-06), confirms this limit.

But then what are UFOs? Illusions? A myth? Hoaxes? Misunderstandings? Human technologies? True UFOs are extraterrestrial ships. But they are not spatial! First because the universe itself is extraterrestrial! But also because it is extratemporal! The hourglass image explains what the density of time means; it is the foundation of the extratemporality of the extraterrestrials.

hourglass density



The second is an arbitrary convention on which the equations are supported.





True UFOs are extraterrestrial ships. But they are not spatial!






In reality, the sand flows at different speeds. The density of time is increased when space diminishes.




The density of time is a major concept: to any given density of time there corresponds a given quantity of simultaneous physical information. In a higher density the amount of simultaneous information is greater. The greater the increase, the less "solid" the matter is, as the changes in the state considered keep growing ... until it becomes physically invisible to us, apparently being too rapid from our point of view as observers.

The work, greatly lightened by numerous illustrations, demonstrates this thesis and explains point by point the extensive spectrum of the oddities reported by hundreds of thousands of witnesses, by those who have dared to speak. Not one of these mysteries will fail to find a solution in Absolute Relativity. We are alone and lost in space, as it is not in space that it is necessary to seek the ET pilots of UFOs!

The speed of light thus remains a limit. But of what? Let us return to the year 1905. Einstein used the work of numerous scientists, among them Lorentz and Poincaré, to describe and compare the behavior of what are customarily called Galilean referentials, that is to say, reference points of space and time. Notably, he reached the conclusion that space and time are not dissociable, that the speed of light c is unsurpassable and constant in the void. Time amounts then to a flow of instants going from the past toward the future. In this view, an effect can not precede a cause. The limit of the speed of light thus becomes that of the causality that can not be inverted.

The Science of Extraterrestrials is founded on an intimate knowledge of the nature of time. This last is fundamentally cyclical and fractal (identically reproducing an object to a different scale). Now, a cycle is a process by which a point of origin is also the point of arrival. Causality is lacking there. All of human science, all our equations need causality to explain the world. Explaining comes back to describing a relationship between two situations. But can it be that a relationship may structurally escape us? Take the Big Bang. The universe is in accelerated expansion, we are told. So be it. But if it really is expanding, why do we study the microscopic universe? A painful question, in truth ...

In this universe,  quantum mechanics does not apply the concept of causality in a strict fashion! It uses probabilities. Not only is the structure of matter immaterial because undulatory (one observes the materiality only on our spatial scale); in addition, the scientists "explain" the universe with an absence of law: that is, chance! How is chance causal? It is veritable nonsense. A mundane heresy. It is remarkable to note that the same probabilities serve, on the one hand, the cause of the determinism of equations (solid proofs) stemming from the statistical mechanics of the infinitely small, and conversely the cause of chance (absence of proof), for example refuting the results of parapsychological tests (telepathy, precognition, and so on). The same conceptual instrument for two opposing logics? The scientific opportunism of the "rationalists" often borders on intellectual dishonesty.

In the end, is "rationality" anything but persistent belief? Just a sectarian and irrational prejudice? Just the opinion, the point of view of an observer? Before one speaks of proof, it is important to evoke its definition. Now, the history of the sciences proves that it evolves with time! Then, proof of chance or chance of proof? Is it not our point of view as observer that needs to change, as it is on this last that the proof depends? Before judging, one still has to be capable of it! Naturally many are persuaded of it ... as they judge! But the clear-headed know that an opinion is but an opinion, though it may be rendered by one of the "notables." This is why NOTHING can replace personal experience. As NOTHING renders it absolute. The only universal way thus is the sharing of experience. This is what renders the interaction of ETs with humans inevitable. The question of why being resolved, it remains to know how.

The general principle of quantum mechanics is to vary physical sizes by small packets, as though counting the grains of sand on the beach. A wave is first of all a deformation traversing a medium, that is to say space flowing in time. Absolute Relativity suggests that time is transported by the waves, and not that the waves, universal phenomenon if it is one, propagate themselves "with" time. Hang on: though admitted by common sense, today nothing explains the propagation of the waves! Now, Absolute Relativity describes why and how phenomena exist only according to the space-time fractal to which they belong or that they traverse.

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