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The Science of Extraterrestrials

Part 2



Fractals are natural or mathematical objects that reproduce themselves to different scales.





What is a fractal? Imagine a rocky coast like that of Bretagne. The general form reproduces itself but to ever smaller scales. For us human beings, the coastline will represent a certain distance. For the ant that will need to follow the meanders of the merest pebble, the distance to travel will be much longer, an intangible length for us.

Like space, time reproduces itself, but the cycles are ever shorter down to an imperceptible limit. Time will become stroboscopic (alternations of perceived time). Thus there will exist phenomena that will be impossible for us to perceive. Now, reality seems just the character of what appears to us to have a certain duration. This reality thus is quite relative! Extraterrestrials seek not to reach the speed of light but to reduce it to the maximum. This would have the relative effect of showing us lightning-fast accelerations. Paradoxical, is it not?


Time Spires



Waves are spires of time. In zooming on a quantum of time one notices another series of chronons, and so it goes.





Nothing explains the quantum character of matter ...
apart from cyclical time!

The work overcomes some of this gratuitous evidence. You will certainly regain more of these charming contradictions. Here you are, help yourself: nothing explains the quantum character of matter ... apart from cyclical time! You know, this time that defies causality. In fact, this is the only variable that can be logically finite, thus quantified. Besides, ask a scientist what is between two quantum states. Most often, the response will be a big silence. This silence is  all the more surprising as cyclical time (spin) is just what characterizes electrons and protons, principal constituents of matter! But what is the relationship between travel by extraterrestrials in "space" and the infinitely small?

Extraterrestrial ships have the ability to pass from macroscopic laws to microscopic laws by causing variation in the flow of time, that is to say, the number of grains of cyclical time. With every scale of space is literally associated a quantity of cyclical time. Ships, blindly called spaceships, travel not in space but between superimposed space-time entities of different scales. The universe is a layered cake of which global comprehension would be impossible: each layer has its own sense of perception! The physical world has its five senses. The psychological world has its own. And thus the spiritual world has ... its blinds!

The fundamental law of Absolute Relativity replaces the secular special relativity. It can be summarized in a sentence that any five-year-old child can remember: "The more time there is, the less space there is, and conversely." Thus, the speed of light is the limit between two space-time entities separated by their scale according to a specific number of magnifications, as it happens seven according to J.P. Garnier-Malet, Doctor in Physics ( For his part, Laurent Nottale (, another Doctor in Physics, has studied the relativity of scale for twenty years. There are numerous scholars of time, such as Tifft, Letho, Shikhobalov, and Venik. Does one need to insist on the experimental demonstration of temporal density in a rotating mechanism carried out by Kozyrev in the 1950s? Does one need to remind the neuropsychiatrists, enthusiasts of materialistic explanations, that our physical body does not evolve at the same speed as that which ... constitutes it? Read this question again, nice and calmly. If it is not enough, repeat the operation. Above all, do not hesitate. Your life risks being profoundly changed by it, as ...

Can anyone say where and when consciousness is located? Does one need to repeat that special relativity itself affirms these discrepancies of perception of space and time, depending on speed? Then what is "the imagination," if it is not a particular state of our consciousness to emit and receive information at a relativist speed? Can there be reception, though it be described as imaginative through ignorance, elsewhere than in space and time, supports of every perception? We are but at the beginnings, as the power of necessary abstraction is so great that even the most experienced physicists could lose their Latin in it. Yet a simple diagram permits representation of intervals of time of Absolute Relativity, intervals at the heart of which smaller chronons (quanta of time) multiply.

Time Linear



Linear time is a series of chronons of variable size. The larger ones conceal the smaller ones. This is why linear time, which flows, comes from the absence of perceived cyclical time.



Imagine beings, ET or not, that live in intervals of temporal non-existence from our point of view. Naturally they will be dematerialized as waves are! But then the universe will hold them in a handkerchief.

Quantum Time


A particular viewpoint permits a better visualization of the superimposition of quantum time. The flow of time comes from the intervals of temporal non-existence (mauve lines) in the concentric spheres of the universe.



It is enough for the extraterrestrials to diminish the flow of time in order to appear perfectly material to us in our expanded world. They succeed in this thanks to the conjugation of two forms of temporal pumping amply explained in the work, notably by using rotors and turning electromagnetic fields. The great difficulty consists of grasping what is produced at the interior of a system making the temporal flow vary. In fact, the state of matter depends directly on it! We perceive only the differences of density of time in the manifestations of nature, as we "see" it from the exterior, from a specific spatio-temporal scale.

The "space" agencies, unless they are unbaptized, are the least well placed to address extratemporal phenomena. In fact, these Ufological "anomalies" are not aerospatial but transmaterial. The state known as "matter" is a particular case of a vast whole. There is no "rigid substance" outside our spatial--and temporal--scale. How can one claim to study UAP (Unidentified Aerospatial Phenomena) while overlooking the essential, namely, this psychological part of the manifestations of which the casuistic is extraordinarily richer and yet neglected?

Every grain of time constitutes a data point, a state. Thus, time has a density. The more important it is, the more information there is and the more troubling the intensity of the phenomena will be.

The more time there is, the less space there is, and conversely.

High temporal densities are the seat of the psyche, of which the ETs have made themselves masters. They incarnate themselves at will following a genetic mutation synonymous with mastery of the information packets in the sense of universal entropy, which then becomes neguentropic (information structured in the image of the structure of the DNA molecule). Besides, this is what distinguishes us from the animals. This is also what differentiates, generally speaking, the living from the inert. The same qualitative discrepancy exists between the immaterial living and the material living. Extrasensory perceptions, emotions or thoughts are issues of the highest densities of time, access to which depends on the very complex structure of the neuronal network, a veritable spatio-temporal elevator. This is also the case with dreams, apparently brief, in which are produced quantities of events that our memory can not retrieve in physical time, hence their fleeting and incoherent character from our point of view on waking (weaker temporal density). Thus, the discrepancy between material and spiritual is but the result of a difference of flow of time. The question thus is not whether to believe it, or even to understand it, but to be capable of "rising" or not! In the past, humanity was stricken by geocentrism, believing itself the center of the world. Could it be that at this start of a millennium humanity remains fixed in chronocentrism, asserting an arbitrary unit of time in the equations?

Diversity and strangeness characterize UFO and paranormal phenomena. It renders them apparently insoluble. But on the basis of a unique concept transmitted by ETs to the author, which constitutes a decisive step in the matter of exopolitics (ET/human diplomatic relations), The Science of Extraterrestrials presents numerous clear explanations such as those which follow, abstracted from the work.

Besides, this new paradigm does not content itself with providing a solution to the paranormal. It also explains the missing mass of the universe, the cosmological anomalies, the structure of the atom, and other quantum paradoxes, backed up by equations.  Once the nature of time is assimilated, it is easy to understand the effects of one of its three dimensions, density.

An ET vessel is surrounded by concentric strata of flattened temporal bubbles. These bubbles are, of course, invisible in reality. They are comparable to waves of which we perceive only the effects.


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