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The following is from a letter or a document which was released by William Cooper without comment as to it's origin or author, although the writer of the letter or document seems to have been someone "in the know", and possibly someone involved in scientific research for the government:

...In one method, the individual is made to done a helmet covered with wires, and a crystalline cubic affair is put into a niche in the top of the helmet and a strobe light is made to play on the individual's optic nerve in order to entrain the patterns onto their brain waves.

The recipient's initial reaction is that his consciousness is aware of scrambled images, which - after the initial shock wears off - are aligned sequentially and impressed upon his consciousness.

In short, the person is given a programmed response system. In this way the individuals are trained in a brief time to do complex tasks without having to undergo lengthy training.

Sometimes the subject is hypnotized or made to sleep and A HIGH FREQUENCY MICROWAVE EMISSION IS USED AS A CARRIER WAVE on which to transmit encoded data into the nerve complex (Assume 40 to 50 GHZ. Other specs unknown). This information may be triggered into conscious awareness at a later time by a preset stimulus-response signal in the environment, such as a sub-audio or visual signal. It might be noted here that not only do DIFFERENT ALIEN GROUPS use this technique, but modifications of this technique are used by (the rest of this sentence is CENSORED in the document - Branton)... Many of the (CENSORED - Branton) in the United States were carried out in this manner. There are innumerable references to support that statement.

The carrier waves are usually emanations that will parallel the biological field frequency of the entity itself, or resonate upon it. "They are often sound-code symbols or visuals in facsimile form.

THE GREY SPECIES 2 (RETICULANS) have an interesting variation in technique whereby the recipient sits fully aware facing a screen and computer console and interacts with images on a holographic display.

It is thought that the events during the Bentwaters incident in 1980 THAT TOOK PLACE UNDERGROUND to one of the military members was one of these processes. The subject was put before a similar screen, and even though there were others in chairs in the room, the screen was addressing him as an individual.

There is another process which occurs which involves the recipient lying on a table (or being suspended in the air) facing upwards where they can view a light bar or multi-colored flashing lights. It is here where... psychological implants may be restimulated.

SOME OF THESE IMPLANTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HUMANS NOT REALIZING THEIR TRUE NATURE AND ALSO FOR THE SYSTEM OF SELF- IMPOSED LIMITATION that is rampant on earth. During this process, the recipient is re-programmed to perform other activities which can be triggered at a later moment. There is some evidence that MANY ABDUCTEES OVER THE PAST SEVERAL YEARS HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED WITH INSTRUCTIONS, but we cannot determine the exact nature of the instructions - only that they are to be carried out in the next two to five years...

In relation to some of the information which appears above, William Cooper released the following letter from a Martin Cannon of Canoga Park, California. The individuals name to whom the letter was addressed is not given:

Dear (Name Deleted);

Thanks for your recent letter.

I think that we could indeed be helpful to each other. My project is now taking me into some very odd areas indeed, and I need all the guidance possible. But more on that later.


UFO, vol. 2, #4 includes an article by Barry Taff, written in conjunction with one Kerry Gaynor, entitled 'Paranormal Phenomena and UFOs.' The article itself was not nearly so interesting as Taff's resume" '...he has worked with UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute and has acted as a consultant to a number of government agencies, including the National Energy Commission and the CIA.' (Gaynor is described as a 'Hypnotherapist and UCLA graduate' who has worked with Taff from 1974 to 1980.)

Ohh, gee, (NAME DELETED)... you actually TRUST this guy?

Perhaps the most ominous connection in that resume is not to the CIA, but to the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, Dr. Louis Joylon West's spook-house. You must know that West's covert background -- his work in brainwashing for the CIA, his horrifying institute For the Study of Violent Behavior, his connection to the V.A. hospital...and that's just the beginning. Info.. on 'Jolly' is tough to come by, but I've got some stuff you won't believe--especially some very bizarre tidbits ostensibly connecting him to John Lilly. West is a spook and a fascist, and he has been involved in ALL the techniques of mind control.

I interviewed someone who met West socially; he described the good doctor -- AND his wife! -- as frightening, peculiar, and very, very strange...almost the stereotypical 'mad scientist.' The same descriptions keep on popping up whenever I get 'personal' on the spy-chiatrists. You think these guys practice their mind altering techniques on each other?

Rand, AEC, NIMM -- you KNOW their histories. Taff is linked to warmongers, covert operations, and brainwashers. The man is BAD NEWS, and any exculpatory fables he tells you should be disregarded. If you want my advice, stay away from this guy, even if he claims to offer an inside track on the scoop of the century, and even if his info.. tends to verify your preconceptions. Please don't take this as an insult, but frankly, the fact that you deal with Taff (and Lear) makes me uneasy dealing with you.

On the other hand... As you know, my main business right now is catching the brainwashers. Taff and Gaynor seem to be possible targets -- their backgrounds make them suspicious to me. Maybe you can help my project by 'picking their brains' on the subject of mind control. Ask Taff about the use of microwaves to create auditory phenomena (Note: Richard Toronto, in an early issue of his 'SHAVERTRON' Magazine reprinted the account of a man who alleged that he was continually subjected to MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL by 'aliens' claiming to be from the star SIRIUS, and who were allegedly tied-in with certain persons working within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and other organizations. see:

SHAVERTRON., 325 Coghlan St., Vallejo, CA 94590 - Branton), he mentions this effect (the 'Frey effect') in his article, and connects it to UFOs. I'd like more information on this topic, but medical references are hard to come by. For God's sake, though -- don't tell Taff what I'm up to!

Additionally, I'd like to get hold of a photograph of Gaynor. One excellent method of playing 'spot the spook' might be the trick demonstrated in the film THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE -- flashing a series of photographs past the eyes of an alleged brainwashing victim, in the hope that images of certain 'doctors' will strike a cord. It's an idea -- if you have any others, please let me know.

About Vicki -- well, thereby hangs a tale, one which has caused me no small amount of personal hurt and sorrow and bewilderment. I've inflicted my anger on everyone I know -- and you'll be no exception, alas; I apologize beforehand for the torrent of spew to come...

Her uncle is Grant Cooper, the attorney for Sirhan Sirhan - - and for the Johnny Roselli mob, which was intricately connected to the CIA. I am sending you photocopies of the relevant pages from Donald Scheim's book, 'CONTRACT ON AMERICA.' Theodore Charach's film, 'THE SECOND GUN' (released on MCI home video as 'THE PLOT TO KILL ROBERT F. KENNEDY') contains interviews in which Sirhan's mother curses out her son's attorneys. As you know, they willfully disregarded testimony which could have helped Sirhan's case. Morrow's 'THE SENATOR MUST DIE' also has useful information. Grant Cooper is as corrupt as they come, in my opinion: While defending Roselli's men, he literally got hold of the prosecution's list of potential witnesses. (Gee -- now why would the mob want a thing like THAT?). Actually, it's a bit of a hassle to get the xeroxes made right now -- But this summary should do.

As you can guess, the fact that Vicki has an uncle like this -- and a friend like Barry Taff -- made me nervous. My (UNREADABLE-FADED) was not quelled by Vicki's frequent (UNREADABLE) about the CIA somehow 'pushing' her magazine.

Still, I felt I could trust her because she seemed so gung- ho when it came to exposing intelligence agency abuses. She was attending ARDIS lectures, familiarizing herself with the Christie case, reading Prouty, talking to Landis and Stockwell and John Judge -- all very impressive.

But then she changed. Whereas we exchanged information almost daily, suddenly she grew more distant -- and when we did talk, an odd anti-Soviet hysteria entered her dialogue. For example, she suggested (employing a truly unique quasi-logic) that the key to my UFO hypothesis might have to do with the 'massive' Soviet infiltration of the media; apparently, the abductions are some sort of dirty red propaganda ploy.

Her tone baffled me -- until I met her new boyfriend, one Don Ecker, ex-Green Beret and foreign-policy 'fascist' (Vicki's description -- although later she rather annoyingly pinned the words on me). Ecker and I had a genuinely nauseating conversation. He drunkenly interrupted an important discussion I was having with Richard Neal to inform us all of a project SPETSNATZ (the name rings a bell, but I can't place it exactly) which, in his fantasies, involves a Soviet invasion via the north. He insisted that the odious Reds had already skulked across Alaska and were working their way through Canada! (I'm considering placing a call to Gnome information and ask if they've seen any rampaging Bolsheviks lately.) He also laughed at my assertion that Secord and North were involved with the Iran-hostage rescue mission. 'Look's like you haven't done your research, buddy!' -- he said, before launching into the Soldier- of-Fortune version of the event. (Gee, I guess COVERT ACTION, THE NATION, THE MIAMI HERALD, and MOTHER JONES all got the story wrong.) He went on to praise covert war... He also produced a card -- picturesquely stained with human blood -- bearing cutely rewritten Miranda rights: 'You have the right to have your head bashed in,' etc.

I tell you all this not just because the encounter still smarts, but to give you some notion of the extreme rightist drivel he's no doubt been feeding Vicki. When he upheld the policy of electrically torturing VC prisoners during the war, I flew into a volcanic rage, and spurted out that anyone who did that DESERVED to be called a baby-burner when he returned to the states. Later, when he relayed my statement to Vicki, he twisted my words to make it seem that I called him a baby-burner personally.

You have to understand my position -- I once had dinner with a political refugee from Chile, who told me (and this was the sort of monologue that can induce a frightful insomnia in its listeners) of how he had undergone just this sort of electric shock torture -- and how the Special Forces played a large part in placing Pinochet in power. So to see this smirking spook Ecker LAUGHING at the idea of 'gooks' being 'wired up'...well, I gained a new insight into the depths of the human mind that night.

But the worst part was the fact that I could no longer have anything to do with Vicki. I know this decision seems low and foolish -- cutting off a friendship because I'm appalled at her choice of romantic leads. Honest, I wanted her to be happy -- I could sense, previously, that she was a lonely woman, and when she first told me about this fellow, I encouraged her to see him, despite her initial qualms. (Indeed, I might be said to have helped bring them together -- this was before I learned what she was, mind you...) But above all, I wanted Vicki to stay Vicki.

Now I feel betrayed. Vicki and I had, after all, worked quite closely together -- and we were going after the spooks. For that sort of project, you need partners of like mind when it comes to matters political. Then she hops into bed with (for all intents and purposes) the CIA itself! (You know about Special Forces connections with the Company, the Nazis, Laotian drug smuggling, Jonestown, etc.) Suddenly, Vicki changed from... ARDIS attendee to an interested guest at the official ex-spook organization. Suddenly, she calls me a fanatic. (She also calls her boyfriend a fascist -- apparently, fascism isn't fanaticism.)

Because she presented such an unprecedented case of elasticity, I wondered if SHE was a spook. To tell the truth, for a week or three, I was certain of it. My disposition wasn't helped when I learned she was talking behind my back to an abductee -- (CENSORED) -- with whom I've worked closely; Vicki told (CENSORED) that I was a KGB agent and should be avoided! Obviously, by this stage, the accusations and counter accusations reach a level of absurdity. At least MY accusations, however fueled by suspicion and hurt feelings, come weighted with some evidence, and are directed toward the accused. Vicki, by comparison, has constantly spread catty 'agent' rumors, unconfirmed by any data, behind the backs of every major figure on the UFO scene. You included. (As one can see, one of the major ways in which the alien-CIA controllers silence the opposition is to bring division and discord among the researchers who are investigating THEM - Branton)

So tell me, now that you know all the sordid details -- what am I to think? Was she spying on me all along? Or should I chalk this whole incident up to a painful lesson in the vagaries of human relations? The whole matter is infinitely confusing, but I know one thing -- I lost a friend, and it stung...

In relation to some of the revelations given in the above letter, the TV program 'NOW IT CAN BE TOLD' did a segment on the Robert F. Kennedy assassination in early 1992 in which it was stated that audio analysis of the tape recordings made the night of the assassination reveal that there were more bullets fired than the official investigation admitted to.

'NOW' interviewed forensic acoustics expert Dr. Michael Hecker, who stated:

Amongst the... noises that are on the tape, there are ten and possibly more locations, on the tape, which show very specific characteristics that I attribute to gunfire... I would say that ten and possibly even twelve sounds on the tape are most likely to be gunshots." Mr. Hecker, by the way, was one of the major audio analysts who studied the famous "Watergate" tapes.

Former FBI agent William Turner told 'NOW IT CAN BE TOLD':

"A Sergeant Paul Shuraga (sp.?)... was the first officer to respond on the call, and he set up a command post and he was immediately informed by a couple named the Bernstein's that a man and a woman had rushed past them going away from the building... the couple happened to say 'We shot Kennedy!'

'NOW' stated that Sandra Serrano, a Kennedy campaign worker, also said she saw the fleeing couple:

...Then this girl came running down the stairs and said 'We've shot him! We've shot him.' And I said who did you shoot? And she said 'We've shot Senator Kennedy.' A boy came down with her, he was about 23 years old and he was Mexican American. She was caucasian. She had a white dress with polka dots, she was light-skinned, dark hair."

Another witness, Booker Griffin, also alleged that he saw two others there with Sirhan. As in the case of Serrano, Griffin was pressured by the L.A.P.D. to deny that he'd seen any accomplices. The major police official or detective involved in this intimidation was Enrique Hernandez who was (according to certain sources who spoke to 'NOW IT CAN BE TOLD'), along with at least one other Los Angeles Police Officer, "also tied to the CIA. By his own admission Hernandez trained Venezuelan police in the early '60's... Despite Hernandez's denials, William Turner believes that the CIA was definitely involved in the case and may have compromised the investigation."

This former FBI agent stated for 'NOW', "The significance is that there's a distinct possibility that the CIA and not the LAPD was controlling the cover-up, and the CIA had a definite interest in covering-up the John Kennedy case, and I think they probably had a definite interest in covering-up the Robert Kennedy case."

'NOW' also stated, "Whoever was in charge, the Los Angeles Police acknowledged destroying critical evidence, such as the door jam that contained bullet holes suggesting that more than eight shots were fired that night, and here's what happened to photographer Scott Enyart and his potentially vital evidence:

'About six officers with their guns drawn grabbed me, laid me down on the red carpet, took my camera and film, put me in the back of a squad car...'

"Enyart never saw those photo's again, 'When I asked for my film back they referred me to the California state archives and the archives sent me a letter saying that my photographs had probably been destroyed along with 2400 other photos three weeks before the trial of Sirhan Sirhan... My photographs would have shown everything that took place from behind during the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. You would have seen whether or not the security guard pulled his gun, whether or not his gun went off, you would have seen if there were any other accomplices, you would have seen people leaving the scene of the shooting. It was the only photographic record of the assassination!"

On the June 5, 1992 presentation of 'A CURRENT AFFAIR,' expert psychologist Herbert Speigal stated that Sirhan Sirhan may have been under mind control, and that he was definitely in the top 5 percent of the "most susceptible" people to be hypnotized, and was extremely sensitive to posthypnotic suggestion. It has been suggested that, just as in the movie 'THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE', Sirhan may have been a victim of such mind manipulation.

It was also stated that the known CIA mind control experiments at the time may have played a role in the assassination of RFK. Psychotherapist Edward Simpson, according to 'A CURRENT AFFAIR', attempted to use hypnotherapy on Sirhan after the assassination while he was in San Quentin prison, in an attempt to retrieve any evidence from his memory that might be vital to the case, but officials immediately and without explanation terminated these sessions.

Sirhan was also alleged to be a member of several 'Mystic Orders.' 'A CURRENT AFFAIR' also stated that Karl Ucker, the head waiter at the Ambassador Hotel who grabbed Sirhan and wrestled him down also believes that there was more than one assassin. He claimed that at least one bullet was fired from across the room behind him and flew over his head WHILE he had Sirhan in his grip. Also, Ucker claims that Sirhan approached no closer than a few FEET from Senator Kennedy, whereas the "fatal" head wound according to forensic experts was fired from only a few INCHES away and in the back-side of the head. Ucker also stated that Sirhan and Kennedy were FACING each other and the rear-side head wound could not have been made by Sirhan. He also alleged that the security guard RAN AWAY from the incident.

William Bailey (FBI) claimed to have seen the two unaccounted for "ninth and tenth" bullets in the pantry door- frame and saw the rear parts of the bullets themselves inside the holes.

According to "A CURRENT AFFAIR", witness Richard Lubic saw a man wearing an "Ace Police Service" uniform aim at the floor where RFK had just fallen. His gun WAS NOT AIMED AT SIRHAN. Another witness, Don Shulman, also claimed to have seen the 'security guard' Thane E. Cesar fire his gun. In spite of this fact Cesar WAS NOT ASKED TO TESTIFY nor was his gun checked by officials after the incident.

Police officials, according to Lubic, told him exactly what questions he would be asked, and told him exactly what to say, and warned him not to change his story from the "planned" or decided-upon scenario.

Dr. Philip H. Melanson, Director of the R.F.K. assassination archives, told Geraldo Rivera:

"There's no doubt that Mr. Cesar is a candidate for the second gunman in the sense that one witness saw a security guard that had to be Mr. Cesar FIRING a gun... I would also point out that we have other candidates for a second gunman in this case. Two very credible witnesses had seen a taller man in a suit with lightish hair (probably not the Mexican-American described by Sandra Serrano) FIRING A GUN in proximity to Senator Kennedy and another witness saw that man draw a gun. So that's two guns (besides Sirhan's - Branton) and there may have been more."

In response to this Geraldo Rivera asked, "'With those two additional suspects... with the CIA-MOB possible covert coalition, do you think that the investigation up until now has been totally surface and slipshod?' "

Absolutely, the Los Angeles Police Dept. was so happy to have a gun and somebody they could convict, they shut down the investigation within hours...

One can see that, just as in the JFK assassination, several people collectively describe at least three different groups in what might have been an organized assassination. That is, Sirhan Sirhan and the woman and Mexican-American that were seen with him; the Security Guard Thane Cesar; and the tall MAN IN THE SUIT. All three of these 'groups' were said to have fired on the Senator from various distances, depending on the many witnesses who reported what they saw, yet who were ignored.

Another letter which Bill Cooper presents in support of his statements is one from a man by the name of 'Millard' (last name and address deleted), which is quoted here as well:

"Dear Bill;

"Even though by now it is old news to you, a few night ago I viewed the 'Best Evidence 2' George Knapp tape and was disgusted by the obvious hatched job Knapp, Lear, Moore et al did on you.

"It seemed very clear to me that Knapp and his family were probably threatened, although it is very likely that the whole series was government sponsored in the first place. I was reminded of the point made by Whitley Strieber in 'MAJESTIC,' that Admiral Hillenkoetter probably told Truman that the best way to enforce the utmost secrecy was to tell each man that the aliens themselves had insisted on it, OR ELSE.... Maybe that ploy worked on Knapp. And certainly the slant of the closing comments indicated that the government still was helpless in the face of a very superior adversary. And that may be true.

Although it is small consolation to you, and I realize that you must be in great pain and anguish, it reminded me of that old quotation from Alexander Pope: 'Whenever a true genius appears you can always know him by this sign: that all the Dunces are in confederacy against him!

Bill, I just want you to know that at least to me, and to many more who may not be expressing it to you, what you have had the immense courage to say on the Sedona tape and the other places you have spoken, certainly has the ring of truth about it. In my opinion you deserve the Highest Commendation this country can bestow on a man! Instead, they tried to crucify you.

It is also clear that most of the points you made on the Sedona tape have been countered by, for example, the article in PEOPLE magazine on General Khun Sah (sp.?); the son of the police officer in Dallas who suddenly claims his Father assassinated Kennedy; and George Bush emerging from the Economic Summit meeting and declaring his sudden conversion to upholding the Constitution. You definitely seem to be doing something right!

Perhaps one of the most disturbing aspects of all of this is the lying, spying, disinformation, dirty tricks, ridicule, discrediting and outright deception perpetrated by agents PAID BY OUR OWN TAX MONIES!

In my case, a woman entered my life who seemed to be so interested in the same kinds of things, so intelligent, supportive, and delightful that she seemed almost too good to be true. She was. Six months after, she walked out on me with no prior warning the day after my Mother died(!). I found out from a former (?) National Security Agent that she had said things to him which made him certain that she was a Government Agent sent to find out how much I knew, set me up, and emotionally destroy me. And I'm not altogether sure that this 'friend' didn't have something to do with it.

The message was quite clear. They wanted me to know that they could 'get me' at the deepest, most personal and painful level! May Almighty God repay them in kind so they can find out exactly how it feels!

...On the Las Vegas tape, you alluded to the Canadian scientist who quoted his correspondence with one of President Eisenhower's Science Advisors, Dr. Robert Sarbacher. Bob Sarbacher and I became friends a few years before his death, and he told me of the dead alien bodies he saw, and the fact that the policy making group headed by Vannevar Bush (any relation to George?) had decided rightly or wrongly to cover up everything to avoid a panic. But even more than panic, they were afraid that post-war American Industry would lose heart when confronted with such overwhelming technological superiority, and that no one would go to work again! And THAT they could not allow.

If you ever get to the Palm Beach area, I would very much enjoy meeting you and talking with you. Very privately.

In the mean time, I would like to order a copy of your new book, 'BEHOLD A PALE HORSE.' Enclosed is my check for $22, which I believe is the correct amount, and add me to your mailing list.

By the way, did you happen to see the Oct. 30, 1990 issue of 'THE WEEKLY WORLD NEWS' with the cover story 'Alien Captured by U.S. Agents' with lots of photos. What is your opinion? This paper is a sister publication to 'THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER,' previously owned by the late Generoso Pope, who was said to have been a former CIA agent. - If there is such a thing as a 'former' CIA Agent. Apparently Pope hired the most erudite, competent reporters he could find, really a blue ribbon staff, and 99% of all the information they uncovered and stories they wrote disappeared into the big computer, inaccessible to everyone including the authors, except Mr. Pope. Pretty slick information-gathering.

I wish you every success in getting your crucial information to the public and may God Bless You, Protect You, and Keep you.

"May the Truth Come to Light -- Millard."

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